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I just gave up on Save The World and Fortnite


I just gave up on Save The World and Fortnite

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    I just gave up on Save The World and Fortnite

    I know there are probably a few similar threads, but I think I've earned my right to post this. I believed in these guys until now, but I've just lost hope.

    Bugs introduced a few months back aren't even now fixed, but other bugs were added.

    I think there's no real dev support for Save The World. They add more bugs than they add good code. I don't care about fancy content, that's the designer's job. I think you have zero good programmers on site doing anything for Save the World mode.

    I just uninstalled the game and the Epic Failed Game client.

    Maybe I'll come back, because humans just forget the bitter taste of being conned by a team who promised a lot last year. I guess PUBG clone makes them a lot more money, so they just don't care about people who supported them from day one for the Save The World mod.

    Have fun! Bye!
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    Nice, players start getting bored


      Usually id say k bye to a thread like this but I totally understand where you're coming from. The bugs in this game is ridiculous, and the fact that the patch notes for this update are literally all dedicated to battle royale is a disgrace. Yes I am aware that the Valentine's day update has been delayed (no surprise cause we are not important) and there is gonna be more content added (yay?) And probably very little bug fixes, aimed at things we don't notice or care about (remember when they fixed an animation that nobody, and I mean nobody ever noticed or cared about? The animation bug that didn't affect ANYONE AT ALL before and after they fixed it? Yeah that's what I'm talking about). At this point I can only see save the world going in the route as paragon - shut down. I love save the world don't get me wrong, but I don't like bugs and they are all over the place. Nevertheless I'm still enjoying the hell out of the game (When I'm not freezing or lagging because of the game) and will continue playing as I seem to not be getting bored of the game even though I've been playing since day 1.
      Now this is a story all about how Fortnite got flip turned upside down,
      And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there,
      I'll tell you all about the release of BR in September.

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        Why are we forced to even have downtime? I mean we paid for this game mode and there IS LITERALLY NOTHING IN THE UPDATE for save the world players. Lame as it gets and a good kick to the nuts for us who believed in you guys and supported you.


          Guess we need to wait a little bit more...


            Definitely giving up on STW for awhile. Pushed and had fun until CV. Now it's all do 2 or 3 of the most annoying mission types, that often aren't even on the map, or do not have players in them. Most of my daily reward llama's, or my purchased llamas have given me garbage and next to no effective traps, so I'm not even building a base and defending, I'm run and gunning unless I have other players. Storm shield spamming has gotten some help through it, but wish there was a way to reset SSDs.

            Having some fun in BR but it's not what I bought the game for.