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10 Days Since Support Ticket - No Response


10 Days Since Support Ticket - No Response

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    10 Days Since Support Ticket - No Response

    Epic Games,

    I bought the Save The World Campaign and it worked fine up until 2.30. Once the servers went down and you guys determined a fix, I have never been able to play the game without playing with somebody in my party on private matchmaking. I can connect to Euro and Asia servers better than NA servers despite my 40ms ping on them.

    I have submitted a support ticket on 29JAN2018, posted on Reddit, Twitter, provided in game feedback, called your front office, and even posted on the forums here:

    And have received no response. Even though this is my favorite game to play, I'm at the point where I am so frustrated I am about to request a refund. I know how active you guys are with the community but I feel left out.

    If anyone can please respond to me that would be great, granted it's been enough time.

    Thank you, I hope we can work this out and find out a fix to this issue.
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    i don't know it if will fix the problems but look in your firewall, i got the same problem on Dead by daylight, i wasn't able to join or host a game with ppl because my firewall was blocking entry connections

    Another idea, did you try to verified games files ? i can be because of one file is missing, i already got this problem on other games

    i hope it will help you :)


      Hey Panchoober,

      Check your private forum messages.



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        Hey Magyst,

        Thanks for the response. I responded via pm.

      Hello [EPIC] Magyst , i also wrote some feedbacks via Ingame end also Email... still not any response for at least 3 weeks. Isnt there any support for sdw?