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Mythic Hero Wukong Ability suggestion and a small bug with shockwave.


Mythic Hero Wukong Ability suggestion and a small bug with shockwave.

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    Mythic Hero Wukong Ability suggestion and a small bug with shockwave.

    Hi First of all I'd like to say I'm Ecstatic to see a FREE unlockable Mythic hero and a Soldier nonetheless

    However I have a couple small request to ask after my teammates have given feedback on him
    They gave their Evaluation of the character

    Suggestion: War Cry could the duration be increased by 6 seconds and its range by 3m. ?

    The Bug: Shockwave DOESN'T Always trigger!

    Improve Shockwave Triple the Radius in comparison to a standard Shockwave this would offer a more Mythic feel.

    The Request And the big one is it possible to Switch Grenades for Going Commando ? My friends were in agreement that Wukong would benefit GREATLY if the Grenade ability was switched out for Going Commando . Ranged Attack, Proc.s more efficiently and effectively with War-cry and honestly would provide a Clear separation between Wukong and Grenadier Ramirez
    allowing the bullets to STUN enemies would also prove beneficial


    Add the Stun Effect to the Grenades Themselves and when equipping a hero that grants stun in the tactical slot simply increase the duration and impact

    This Observation was made by many players , my friends and just by observing the Hero class being utilized in combat.

    Also Maybe decrease his base Shield Regen delay time or increase the amount of health regenerated since he's constantly in Close Quarters Combat.

    Again I myself Ecstatic with the release of a Free Mythic Hero but even I have to admit what was said to me and now being said to You the Devs would improve him greatly
    I look forward to pleasant response and I hope everyone has a pleasant spring break :) be safe have fun everyone!
    w/b please ty.

    I agree with this


      so you want... the SFs warcry, minus the dmg... plus TRIPLE radius shockwave... PLUS goin commando/grenade that stuns... AND MAAAAAAYBE decreased shield delay/increased health regen. on the same mythic that requires no element of rng to obtain.

      it maybe mythic but at the same price as a unique (skin AND skill set, iirc) legendary you cant really expect much, i'd expect his base stats to be in line with the other mythics - thats it.

      EPIC should bump him down a tier to legendary OR give him something worthy of his tier and increase his price to reflect that.

      idc either way, he cant be booked and i already have the llama version... plus, visually, he looks trash - imo.

      I've been told that posts insulting other users is not helpful. Just know there's a high chance I'm insulting you in my mind.

      Ever think about how the phrase "you are what you eat" is always an insult when looked at from a sexual perspective ?? you do now.

      We dont know... when StW will be on sale again/what will happen to vbucks when StW goes free to play.

      We dont care.. if you got scammed/about your scrubby trade system/about suggestions to circumnavigate farming or grinding.


        Wish he had melee perks for a really unique playstyle, but if I want to play a CQB soldier (read: no gun perks) I have my Shock Trooper which does a much better job and has Goin' Commando.
        As every other mythic except the consutructor, a meh hero.

        I think he was only given mythic status (wake up people, it's a legendary with a differently colored card) because of his looks.

        It's always good to have dud items in the event store though so I can focus on grinding flux.