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AFK players in Fortnite Save the world is gettoing out of control


AFK players in Fortnite Save the world is gettoing out of control

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    AFK players in Fortnite Save the world is gettoing out of control

    So i've played since Alpha, back then there was no afk problems or if there was it was handled fastly.
    Now days there are to many afk player all over the place and unfortunately it doesn't seem like Epic is punishing them.
    I report players on a daily base that are afk during missions but it never seems to improve.
    Epic really needs to come out with a better way to handle AFK people in this game.

    Firstly add a better report function the same way you can "mute a player" in game should be as easy to report them add a report "button" where the mute thing under part exists.
    As shown on picture

    Click image for larger version

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    How till will make it easier to report a player if the name is autofilled for us as well as you will get their id quicker.
    Also action towards afk player needs to be faster and more extensive repeated afk reports investigated in proving the player was afk
    Should give a long or harder punishment.

    This is actually a point breaking the Fortnite - save the world community
    So this is a super serious issue that needs to be looked way more into please devs fix it!

    I think the best thing they could do is have constant AFK players put on servers with other AFK players, I had one today who literally said "I have your IP up I know where you are, I will come and smash your PC if you don't stop whining and get me my mission bonus's"


      maybe, but still it's a huge issue. that needs to be dealt with


        There used to be a report function when the game just hit early access (you'd have to type in the person's name and what they did in an in-game box) but that has just dissapeared at one point. I don't know why it was removed but they need to re-implement some sort of report function.


        • SinのAria commented
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          It is under feedback now.

        • SinのAria commented
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          The report function is in the Feedback menu item now.

        Yeah, i have sent endless amounts of "feedback" reports. but there doesn't seem to be any change in the amount of afkers.


        • zfightergt commented
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          Every online game in existence has players afk, i dont think it can be fixed cause its a problem with people. People will always come up with a way to be lazy. ironically they probably put more work into figuring out how to get away with being lazy, then they would have doing the work to begin with.

        Yeah it's getting extremely old and Epic isn't doing anything about it. Maybe I should ask them in person since they're only a 30 minute drive away and they obviously don't respond to feedback reports, emails or posts on their website.


          Report still not working. Epic seems is not doing anything about it.
          There is only one solution to fix this issue for me: 2 DIFFERENT KIND OF V-BUCK (1 FOR STW AND ANOTHER FOR BR).
          Because people which stay afk are the only one which are coming from BR and they want to get free v-bucks. They don't play the game because they don't like it, while STW players loves it and we NEVER go afk because we want to enjoy the game.
          Until Epic don't understand that, STW is just a second-hand game for BR players. I remember when Epic were focused ONLY with STW. When BR came out, it ruined everything....


            I came back to fortnite STW yesterday after a year away.

            I was watching neoness007 last night who was playing frostnite, he kept getting teamed up with some guy with AFK in name with afk macro. Sure he reported the AFK dude but... kept getting grouped with him.... that needs to change.

            1) They need to make it so you can blacklist someone from your games, it may take you longer to find a game but at least they won't be leeching.
            They need to BAN PERMANENTLY repeated AFK players, accounts with I AFK SO SUCK IT etc... might then disappear.
            Until they get a better system they need to put heroes and rewards for event not behind timers or waves but number of kills, harvested, built, therefore AFK gets no real rewards until they actually contribute.

            (The following or another system must be in place BEFORE STW goes FTP)
            The solution for AFK IMHO was simple, get rewarded for earning points, building, shooting, harvesting, obviously building and smashing the same thing gets nothing. Don't meet a threshold no rewards for you.
            This stops AFK dead, doesn't stop very good bots(But if they are killing etc... at least they are doing something) but does stop AFK from earning anything, does not stop trolling though but that's a different beast entirely.

            There are still problems even after implementing this but it's a lot better than AFK presently in game and a step in the right direction.

            On the plus side...
            They have changed a lot for the better, no more tree system, ability to level hero from epic->Legend etc... , more than 999 mats etc...
            Canny valley actually has quests to do :)

            Things that are still an issue.
            Mats for weapons :
            Why should people feel punished for have a good weapon, lower all weapons to either not break at all or make mats really easy to get and make them cheap to build as well.
            The reasoning behind this is more mats for traps, people enjoy building lots of traps, if the guns were really cheap then people wouldn't be worried about wasting mats on over defending objectives with nice traps.

            Those with little time but lots of money :
            The special event heroes should be purchasable either indirectly through earning money for them by buying pinatas, or just available for a price. Pretty sure that would generate some income from those people who like the heroes but either don't want to take the time or don't have the time to farm them.

            My tiny instrument of death will not find ammo for itself!
            Time to grind me some more points , and scour the place for toilet bacon!


              I really wish they would ban or account wipe the worst afkers to set an example that it will not be tolerated to deter others from doing it. Only thing we can do is report and block... They don't care though, it doesn't stop them...


                I normally jump out of a mission once i see an afker after I must say I bring a few husk by them to take them out. That’s necessary since I want them to at least feel part of the action. Seriously I do believe the rewards should be based off of participation not just loading into the game. Not the end all be all fix but it will be a good starting point.
                Food for thought good players play STW and everyone else let STW play them.