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Collection Book Rework

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    Collection Book Rework

    So when I read the SoD post today for StW I was pretty hyped and when i seen we are going to be able to "recruit" schematics and heroes I got even more hyped when i seen that we will be also to unslot them and use them but when I saw that event items are excluded my heart dropped and I was sad and I'm hoping that you will revise that and let us be able to to slot and unslot event items please!!

    Being able to unslot non-event sutff is a great first start to be honest. It can only improve from there.
    I'm sure they'll get to event-related cards in the future. Otherwise we can always make a feedback post about it and ask.
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      Originally posted by Ricz0r View Post
      Being able to unslot non-event sutff is a great first start to be honest. I can only improve from there.
      I'm sure they'll get to event-related cards in the future. Otherwise we can always make a feedback post about it and ask.

      Yes i guess you are right but I feel that it would be better to get event items back SINCE we have to PAY 20 vbucks to even be able to get stuff OUT of the Collection Book.


        I'm super psyched about being able to un-slot things.
        If you're anything like me, It's going to save a ton of Armory space-
        I'm currently holding on to lots of Legendary Heroes and Schematics "just in case I feel like playing them".
        Now I can put them in the book and pull them out should that event actually arise.


          From what I read it's the researching that excludes event items, not unslotting.
          Collection Book Research and Recruitment

          We’re adding in an extension to the Collection Book that will empower you to directly acquire specific heroes and schematics.

          Had your eye on a particular Constructor? Now you can spend Flux and Training Manuals to recruit them with a new menu option on the Collection Book slot representing that hero. There will be some exceptions (such as Founder’s weapons, event items, etc.), but the majority of heroes, weapon schematics, and trap schematics will be eligible for research, and it doesn’t matter if you already have the item or not. You’ll receive a new level 1 copy of the item, and schematics will start with a random set of valid perks. We’re hoping this feature will come online in the v4.5 update.

          Collection Book Unslotting

          In update 4.5 we’re also planning to provide a mechanism to unslot items from the Collection Book for a nominal fee of 20 V-Bucks to deter exploitive behavior. When an item is removed from the book, the Collection Book XP it granted is removed too. This will not, however, result in you losing levels or rewards you have already earned. You’ll just have to “pay back” this lost XP before the book will continue advancing. Items removed from the book will be restored at level, and with all their perks intact.
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            if you already did the event and slotted them and want them back you should be able to unslot them.

            but if you didnt do the event you should not be able to get them.

            simply because of the word "EVENT"

            not much of an event if you can get them when ever you want.

            epic should not have put some of the hydro guns in the store like they did. ruins the point of having events and working hard to get the special items.

            but this is just an opinion.

            as the hodge twins would say
            "do what ever the **** you want."


              What is the point of doing this if you can’t get event items back. Everything but event items you can always get back that’s why it should allow event items because some people really want weapons like I do make a limit to them so it’s not too overpowered but worth it like about 5 event items out the collection book be reallly good for people that regret putting event items in collection book. At one point i almost quit because I couldn’t get my event item when I first started because I didn’t understand all of it all I ask of you epic is to please allow event items to get back


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                Events are limited time specials, if you miss out well to bad.

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                You can slot/unslot event items. You just can’t research to acquire event items you never got during the event in the first place. Seems fair enough.
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