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Save the World is not going to be successful


Save the World is not going to be successful

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    Save the World is not going to be successful

    Before I begin, I just want to say that I think it's quite comical that there are essentially two "Read before you post" stickies for this thread. Unrelated, but surprisingly parallel to the Save the World (STW) game mode, which is riddled with overbearing and unnecessary complexities.

    I don't think STW will be successful. I think it's going to be widely played by millions of players once it's released F2P due to the millions of Battle Royal players who are curious as to what STW is like. But I think after several months, the mode will be largely irrelevant to the majority of Fortnite's player base.

    While there are undoubtedly many intricate issues with STW, I believe there are two, broad issues with STW.

    1. Complexity. STW is overbearingly complex. The Armory tab itself contains around six different panels to click into, and it is one of seven or so tabs. To be fair, I only have ~35 hours of gameplay in STW. But a lot of things go completely over my head. The collection book. Leveling heroes. Different groups (ninjas, tactical, etc). The number by the lightning icon. I believe the age demographics for the majority of Fortnite players is in the early teens, if not younger. I am 22. I wouldn't necessarily label myself "dull." But if I am having difficulty following the core concepts of the game, I can't imagine how the younger, dominant player base will find this mode. Something that I find scary is that I think Epic Games has purposefully envisioned this mode to be complex - the skill tree user interface (UI) is demonstrative of this. I really think there has to be a shift in approach to the way Epic Games is developing this mode if it hopes to improve it.

    An argument can be made that perhaps STW isn't (and shouldn't) be catered to the teen froms Battle Royal. Perhaps it will attract a different, older population through its own merit. That would beg the question - does the gameplay make up for its complexity (and trust me, the gameplay would have to be really good for players to even consider jumping over the hurdle of learning all of the ins and outs of STW). Which leads me to the next issue...

    2. Gameplay. STW is mundane. It's a grinding game that has received mixed reviews on Forbes and the like. While I do not understand most concepts of the mode, for the things I do understand, I find myself getting bored. Defend a van. Kill creeps. Destroy objects. The only thing that remotely peaks my interest is the idea of having a home base - a sort of Tower Defense mode where you can build around a base and fight off waves of creeps (of course Tower Defense gets boring pretty quick, pretty fast, but at least in this mode building is actually relevant). I find it pretty funny that some people endure this mode simply to farm vbucks. Other times, I match with teammates who appear just confused as I am (or perhaps more, as they don't seem to recognize that there's an objective to defend, leaving me alone to finish the mission). Or perhaps they don't even care, as there are often side quests that leave a cooperative mode feeling very solo-oriented.

    Personally I don't see what Epic Games got right with Battle Royal although they have been undeniably successful. But Battle Royal, conceptually, is infinitely less complex than STW. While the mechanics of building pose a high skill ceiling for players, the concept (loot, build, kill) is very simply and undoubtedly serves to appeal its player base (a reason I found Battle Royal more fun to play than Blackout was because I never knew under what context the gun I was using in Blackout would be good; Epic Games, on the other hand, simply coded weapons by class - i.e. AR, shotgun, sniper - and color-coded the hierarchy).

    Just my 2c. Feel free to tear my thoughts apart.
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    It honestly sounds like this isn't the game for you. The complexity and grind are part of the fun. It's a formula that's attracted millions of players to RPG games for decades. It's not for everyone.
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      Originally posted by sad boy richard View Post
      To be fair, I only have ~35 hours of gameplay in STW. But a lot of things go completely over my head. The collection book. Leveling heroes. Different groups (ninjas, tactical, etc). The number by the lightning icon.

      I hear yea bud, it takes time to get this game down. I am level 110 and have probably put 100's of hours into the game. If your having issues with the Front End UI then just take a break from the game tell patch 6.30 is live. The entire save the world menu will change dramatically

      But a few tips for you

      Hero squad - Primary is the hero you use in game, skills and stats ( Hero Level does not affect level power type)

      Support slot and Tactical slot - This is just to boost your main hero - IE added assault rifle damage or an increase to a certain skill- Best bet is to match the skills with something that your primary hero already has.

      Survivor Squads Power- This is what sets your power level or the lightning icon you referred to For now just put some survivors in each slot to increase your power level- The higher this number the higher level missions you can do

      Survivor Squads Skills and personality types - Wait tell later on in the game to really work on this - Eventually you will be able to set up your survivor squads to give you extra stats ( via Personality match) as well as perks such as increase shield health and damage

      Collection book - This allows you to gain extra materials to level up your survivors heroes and defenders - By adding a schematic to the collection book you progress via collection book XP- Some of these unlock skill points or even Legendary heroes - Rule of thumb save epics and legendary most of the Common uncommon and rare schematics will be safe to put into the collection book.

      If you have any other questions let the forum know, I love Fortnite and sure I'm a little disappointment with its updates compared to Battle royal but i knew i was getting into a game that was not fully released and i have had fun over the last year playing it
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        i even dont finished all what u wrote because if its not complexity i will not play it
        its make the game play more fun and challenging
        and u can watch some videos to learn if u dont know whare u are at or what to do
        u can play for exp old games ,just take a weapon and fight its good but i dont think it will be complexity like STW
        i play this game 8-15h in day and am level 103 in day 113 that what i called a challenging


          Some people can handle complex games. Some people play BR. Its ok, there's games for all skill and intellect levels out there.


            When is patch 6.30 landing?


              The patch should be Thursday. (I assume) it will help new players adapt. As for it not being succesful... I've had no problem getting into a multiplayer quest at any point in the day. I'd say it's doing alright.


                Day 1 founder - I can honestly say Fortnite will be a lot more successful than FortniteBR in the next few years. Fortnite is unique and is incredibly fun, and today's update is a MASSIVE step in the right direction of what Fortnite should be. BR player's can't handle the grind as the majority of them are either kids or want everything given to them rather than work for them. It's down to personal preference at the end of the day, and I prefer Fortnite to FortniteBR.
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                I'll tell you all about the release of BR in September.

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                  The one thing that will always hinder and make this game fall short is the loot box progression. Imagine BR with xp in loot boxes... No reason it should be acceptable in PVE. Only reason it is is bc no one watches STW streamers so they have no power to change predatory mechanics by complaining to millions of followers.


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                    beside supervivient (exept you know for hallowing llamas) you are no attachement to the loot box, well no more in the first days yes you were, but now it just time to get what you want, you can play totaly free.