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Suggestions: Camera, menu, factions, Rooms, Skins


Suggestions: Camera, menu, factions, Rooms, Skins

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    Suggestions: Camera, menu, factions, Rooms, Skins

    so with the latest update the third person camera view seems a lot closer, (i forgot to check if you can change it in setting, so if its there forget this part). making the game a little wonky to me as the closer view made it, the hard it seemed to aim the weapon (maybe just need to adjust)

    -Camera modes
    So i had the idea of something similar to "cod dead ops arcade 2" where there's a power that can change the game camera to FPS, making it way more difficult to play during heavy hordes. So maybe add that option to play it in FPS with unique mission where its more battle than building, like for bosses (mentioned below).

    I see that FPS is currently available in setting however it feels really bad as you cannot see the characters arms or weapon, especially when aiming down the sights which makes it hard to work with. another thing is that while aiming down sight the cross hair is way wider than even the aim in 3rd person. you think you'd have better air.

    -Control Room
    with the new update we see great changes to the menu and the best one (for me anyway) is the new characters (Amory, Research, heroes, Upgrades, and Survivors). Hopefully they add story and possibly dialog to these Characters and maybe special missions. Similar to "destiny" or "warframe" maybe these characters can be their like factions and add special missions and rewards (Like unique guns or heroes). also maybe a cross over "battle royal" mode like "Food Fight" except against all 5-6 factions (i'd call it "a broken home", mentioned below)

    -Personal Room
    So i was thinking of something similar to "Project Diva - diva rooms" where you can unlock new items to put in the room (posters, radio or jukebox, floors, walls, and exclusive items for events). build your own room

    Similar to canny valley mission "Gravestone" a special boss, but i was thinking something more heavy and bigger. Some very unique bosses like splatoon 2 where you have to clime up to get certain hits

    -New missions:
    tower defense (horde come from only one way)
    Special target (so similar to a boss - this husk appears and spawns a group of more husks during which he boosts them randomly with; elements, speed up, healing, extra strength, mists only, and the hardest boost certain weapons can only damage; like explosives, snipers, ARs, pistols).

    Second i play a lot of both game modes (Save the world and Battle royal) and hope to integrate them with cross over Gun Skins and features, mainly a major bonus for those who paid for "save the world"

    -Gun Skins
    So during events and game-play you can obtain paints both permanent or single-use/Exclusive which can be applied to a selected few weapons (those that appear in "battle royal"). permanent paints
    would mainly be single colors (red, white, etc.) and single-use/exclusive would be designs or images that appear on the gun, an example would be using a single-use paint job to turn your scar into character Ramirez's 'Purple color with Skulls' version (featured on the cover art to Fortnite) or "Founder's Nocturno". next is exclusive modeling which is only applicable to weapons in battle royal, example being using and exclusive model to turn your "scar" into a "dragon rifle" so during royal when you pick up or use a scar it will appear as a dragon rifle but still only function as a scar.

    -Pick axes
    So since you paid for "save the world" and still pay for pick axes in "battle royal", why cant you chose what pick axes you use in "save the world" cross over the skins

    -Character transfer?
    So in battle royal you can pay for new characters, similarly you can unlock them (certain ones only) during events for gold (free to earn). will you ever make it possible to transfer them to "battle royal" or unlock them as exclusive skins. Example, a skin of any "outlander" like; Buzz, Jess, Eagle eye, A.C., or Quinn. however note this only applies to people who play or bought "save the world". you could even make it an exclusive reward, like for the collection book (doesn't see much use otherwise). so for any unlock mystic skin converted in collection can be sent to battle royal (except Constructor) this is exclusive to people who play "save the world".

    Side note, i understand that Constructors cannot be skins in battle royal because of there thick and buff appearance. it would not only change hit boxes, making them bigger and unbalancing the characters to others ("battle royal" is all about fairness) as well as their taller/thick size making them more visible to others(aging it all has to be fair).

    -A Broken Home
    So as mentioned above, a pick your faction war, similar 20 vs 20 (5 teams of 20). during battle, teams can gain points (all players for that faction) for most kills, placement, and wins. after a set period of time the lowest point factions are eliminated until there's only 2 factions left. during which it becomes 50 v 50, eliminated players can still play faction matches as a mercenary for a new picked faction (but cannot unlock rewards for that factions, or the exclusive reward if they win). at the end the faction with the highest point (all of the factions player totals) wins. the reward for wining can be one exclusive to the faction (character/pick axe/or glider, banner icon,trail, emote, backpack, or as mentioned above the first Gun Skin). i believe you should still be able to unlock rewards like challenges for achieving certain kills or special actions during war for your chosen faction. also the wining faction reward can be unlocked via the factions missions in "save the world"

    side note, the faction balance must be fair so if you can pick between five factions and many players chose only one faction (Girl from armory) that faction may be locked until the other factions can catch up to their player count. example; 100 players chose Amory and the rest have 50, Amory will be lock, making only the other 4 pickable until they reach 100 also, and factions that do reach it becomes locked as well till all reach the same, so first come first serve. another option maybe to make it easier rather than five factions. you do a player vote among the five and the top two factions become the only pickable options before war starts. (ends up like food fight).

    -A Content at War
    so similar to "support for content creator". have players vote for their favorite creator, after awhile the top five creators will be picked and giving an exclusive chance to create their own original characters. so each can post, stream or blog fans to design (characters/glider,pick axe/trail/or back bag) representing them, to which the creator can pick their own favorite as the skin to be. than if you want to use them all you can either place them as rewards for challenges or buy in store. and if you want to use only one you can also make them similar to "factions war", where players pick there side and the top creator gets his skin made.
    Dragon Rifle Fortnite cover art Founder's Nocturno
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