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READ FIRST - How Do I Give Feedback?

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READ FIRST - How Do I Give Feedback?

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    [OFFICIAL] READ FIRST - How Do I Give Feedback?

    Welcome to the Feedback forum!

    An important part of Early Access is the opportunity to jump in and give us feedback as we continue to iterate on the key elements and complex systems in Fortnite. In order to make sure we get the most value out of your awesome feedback, here are several things to keep in mind:
    • When iterating on the Fortnite experience, we use the following sources of information to help us make the best choices possible.
      • Data and metrics from how you play the game.
      • Feedback that is given using the in game tool.
      • Things you tell us in places where we talk to the community (social media, forums, etc.)
      • In house user experience testing.
      • Surveys.
    • Please send your feedback using the tool in game. This will get your feedback directly into the hands of the developers and is the best place for it to be seen.
    • We welcome any and all constructive feedback about Fortnite. While we can’t respond to every post, we do read the threads as a source of information to help us understand your Fortnite experience. Please make sure you are upvoting threads you most agree with.
    • Remember to search for similar threads before posting a new one. It’s OK to bump up a thread that is less than two or three months old. After that you should probably start a new thread.
    • We want this to be a productive and friendly place for you to discuss Fortnite. There’s room for a variety of opinions and ideas and in order for that to happen, we all need to be respectful of our unique experiences and perspectives.If a thread ends up in a discussion that isn’t productive or isn’t respectful to members of the community, it will be closed.
    We’re looking forward to hearing from you!