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Fix Survivor AI ( activation of "Protect the Survivor" )


Fix Survivor AI ( activation of "Protect the Survivor" )

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    Fix Survivor AI ( activation of "Protect the Survivor" )

    I play STW on PC for an average of 2 to 3 hours a day, I play NA-East, currently I'm grinding towards the "Guardian Angel" achievement in saving 10,000 survivors, and through my playing survivor missions I've noticed a great deal of problems.

    1.) In 'protect the survivor' missions, there's a bug ( which I have already reported ), that causes survivors to view nearby, untriggered mimics as a threat thereby not allowing them to be saved.
    2.) Medbots on occasion do not spawn, or their spawn point is not on the survivor, but some feet away.
    3.) This is more of a suggestion, but change the "find the survivor's lost med-kit" into lost child, or lost family heirloom, or something that makes any remote sense for me to fetch in the zombie apocalypse.

    However, the worst problem I've run into is my team mates. In nearly ever "Save the Survivors" mission I play, at least one random comes in, runs around the map, triggers 4-6 survivors and then does nothing to protect them, I've even caught players emoting by dying survivors instead of saving them in low power missions. This makes it impossible to rescue all the survivors within a mission as the ones that have already been triggered will have been downed by the time you can get to them.

    And to those suggest I 'just report players for ignoring the objective' at times it is difficult to tell who is the culprit as they're often far away and names are not displayed on the mini-map. So my suggestion is that Epic add a prompt "[EPIC NAME] has discovered a survivor who needs protecting!" or something of the like so at the very least these players are easier to track and report. Hopefully having the entire group know you're triggering the survivor spawns might also encourage people to actually contribute to the mission.

    The survivor medkit is plainly bothersome. I would rather have to escort the survivor to a "extraction point" passing through some spawns (or circling them) than go find the medkit and back; hearing for the nth time "I know it's too much to ask... I really can't leave without it ..." yada yada.

    Never had the medbot bug;

    And noticed the exact same thing with the randoms. I've found out more times than not they are just looking around for quest targets; chests, or chest radars... and ofc they don't care for survivors or the mission (yeah, I report them for ignoring the mission).

    All survivor events should depend on a prompt by the player, specially the ones that spawn hordes. To give us the chance to place traps around, or wait for abilities cooldowns.
    And it's specially the case for survivors that spawn too close to one another; causing you to trigger both when you get close to any of them.

    This will also avoid those uninterested players from ruining the mission for the rest (and lets EPIC very easily detect when they activate the survivor's mission and go away; to hopefully punish them somehow)
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