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V.2.4.0 Patch Notes (Patch Delayed)


V.2.4.0 Patch Notes (Patch Delayed)

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  • V.2.4.0 Patch Notes (Patch Delayed)

    Update 4:45PM ET: The release of Patch V.2.4.0 has been delayed so we can further improve stability and hammer out some remaining bugs. Once we have an updated ETA, we’ll be sure to let you know.

    What's new in V.2.4.0? Glide over to this weeks patch notes to find out!
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    And when poland Paysafecard people pay for this method of payment Please epic i ask on support twitter and you nothing please add this method bye
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      Putting items in my stormshield past the max is the only reason i do expeditions anymore. Late game the rewards are so insignificant i rather make a stack in my stormshield to share with another player when i help with stormshields, and to think my back pack can hold more then my HQ makes me scratch my head


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        Please note: In a near future release, it will not be possible to claim expedition rewards while Storm Shield storage is overflowed. Respecting the storage limit is important to protecting player items".
        Well, if you do this i would like a few things to happen here:
        - A higher default storage room, overflows are very common in the early game. A starting point of 20 would be much better than 5. This also helps players against items that are obtained but unusable yet, while still being valuable (on that part, you should always allow at least 1 stack of each item that a player can obtain, its not like they can instantly use it when its stored at the storm shield. And in the early game its very likely that players are missing the schematics to use all items).
        - Increasing the limit per stack, instead of 99 per stack, you could make it by default cap at 100, and then allow it to be upgraded to 200, 300, 400 etc. Which means duplicate stacks dont take up a huge space. And especialy in the late game save up a lot of room. 999 already is a number thats made up, why cant it be made to allow a limit of 5000 wood/stone/metal and 500 for all other materials.
        - Ignore ammo in the storm shield storage entirely, while still respecting its regular limits (where it still can take the upgrades to make it capable to store 5x its limit).
        - An expidition reward storage room in which rewards are stored for a certain time which indicates the stuff that would be discarded (with a clear timer per item). And allow access to this space outside of your stormshield. After all, it can only be used to take equipment and not store it.

        Storage currently acts too much like a prison in its restrictions and overflowing at least allows players to get beyond it.

        Originally posted by barbiak
        It's one of the most stupid ideas you could have offered, guys. Noone will use expeditions anymore. Bravo! We won't finish storyline of PvE to make the game better. We'll destroy its economics. Epic Fails, you're really EPIC FAILS.
        Balancing storage limits is still a good thing. An infinite storage doesnt make sense to have. Its much better to balance the way the stuff is stored rather than relying on a flaw. And when this is done in a proper way, overflowing shouldnt be a problem anymore and instead would be a problem the player caused on himself rather than being caused by a system in which there isnt enough room to store the required materials.


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          Nice ideas! Thank you for spelling them out!

        • barbiak commented
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          The problem is the absence of an adequate system. Now they are just ruining the game economics, nothing more. I don't see a new system from Epic Fails. I can only see a good try to make people not to use expeditions.

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        good looking update and some much needed fixes in stw. a nice start (meaning that in most positive way I can)

        but i dont think the stormshield storage thing should be implemented until u guys make a change to storage and add more recycling options. I have 200 backpack space but my giant stormshield only has 40?? the base storage should be 100 not 5, especially when we also have a cap on how many skillpoints we can obtain, deterring everyone from putting points into ssd storage.. also as I usually drop a majority of the low lvl or useless items from expeditions, please give us an option to recycle items such as mechanical parts into bolts and metal, or press mineral powder into rough ore, convert ammo into another type, etc.

        an option to send resources to stormshield storage would solve alot of problems with storage too

        aaand autorecycling for weapons/traps that u find would be appreciated as well
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          Originally posted by ChimpBalls View Post
          good looking update and some much needed fixes in stw. a nice start (meaning that in most positive way I can)
          Is this a serious statement? What I've seen in the patch notes for STW is:
          • Adding a BR element (Cozy Campfire) that few people might really be interested in when they already have healing pads;
          • Adding new expeditions; for those who use them that's great but really? Has this even been something people have been asking for?
          • Changing tooltips;
          • Removing some ridiculous llamas.
          Personally, I don't see any of those being "much needed".

          Much needed:
          • Show joining player's name and power level;
          • Let us build and craft properly (sometimes when crafting traps, a different trap to the one selected is crafted);
          • Try to improve some of the hitching and lag (I know this is a big task, but it's more important than a campfire no-one asked for!)
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          • Brackarn commented
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            No need for name-calling. I have no issue with you, and I'm not demanding that they fix all the things RIGHT NOW. I did say that adding the expeditions is great for those who use them.

            I've been following the Fortnite announcements and previous patches, so I do know that they've said that they're scheduling other fixes. I've also seen this very first of their "fresh start and respect for StW" approach get delayed...
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          • ChimpBalls commented
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            ok so why ask if it's a serious statement? lol

            and we're lucky that it's delayed, tbh. would u rather a br focused update with half ***** stw changes that break more thing then it fixes? all I can hope is that they are actually doing some testing for once before they push an update.

          • Brackarn commented
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            Chimp, I asked because from where I am sitting the patch value for StW is minimal. Previous patches have included more QoL changes in my opinion; adding expeditions is not a fix and I can really only see one "fix" - the encampment spawn problem.

            I'm completely fine with a delay - I will go as far as to say I'd rather have a pure BR patch with no StW "fixes" until they DO test them thoroughly because of the additional bugs that seem to come along with every patch they release at the moment. However, my thoughts are that bugs will always be introduced while they keep touting the "we have two separate dev teams" argument. If they have different dev teams, they don't have coverage of both game modes, and it's painfully obvious that they share much of the same code/infrastructure, which is why we're seeing so many "features" being introduced with new patches.

            At least if they do a BR only patch, their information can show that X bug was introduced in StW due to changes made in BR.

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          Stacks of 99 are a major problem bump those numbers up before this change please... atleast in the storm shield itself.. backpack stacks while would be nice to get bigger stacks isnt as important..
          Bigger stack sizes for the Storm shield makes the Storm shield upgrades worth more... right now i feel the Storm shield storage a complete joke.. i currently have i think 15 slots worthless.. i'd love to be able to store a bunch of tier 1 materials in there along with a bunch of weapons that i want to save for later..


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            If we are not going to be allowed to keep the things that we work so hard to obtain, then there needs to be an outlet for those items. Either give us more storage or give us a way to sell or trade those items, to a vendor or other players. I have never played a game where you get punished in so many different ways for playing...


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              • Added “3D Resolution” slider to Video options on PC and Mac.
                • This new preference allows you to set the resolution of the 3D world, without affecting the user interface.
                • The range goes between 640x360 and your selected Display Resolution. Using a lower 3D Resolution may greatly improve frame rate.
                • When selecting an overall Quality option, an appropriate 3D Resolution will be chosen automatically.
              Thank you guys. Looking forward to this fix for Mac.


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                when can we play again