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  • Events in Save the World

    Hey Fortnite Family,

    We’re back again, this time with some additional context around our new event system cadence!

    Event System

    Since we began saving the world in July, we’ve run several smaller storm events in addition to the considerably larger Fortnitemares and Survive the Holidays events. Through running these events we’ve learned a few things about how the content is played, what things you like and what things you don’t. One key thing we’ve noticed is that the bigger events (every six weeks-ish), while appreciated by the more hardcore players, tend to be a bit overwhelming to play all at once for most players.

    So, what’s next?

    We are committed to delivering impactful updates to you more frequently. Events which happen more often and unlock content weekly, but can still build up (thematically) to big events like Fortnitemares. It’s a change in how we deploy events, and to some degree how we tell event stories.

    What does that mean?
    • Weekly event questline updates.
      • During the event period we'll deliver quests once a week.
    • Opportunities to make more small changes … faster.
      • Example: How much damage that shiny new gun does.
    • Event updates at a quicker pace.
      • It's now possible for us to take lessons learned early on in a six week thematic event cycle and make the end of the event even better.
    • You’ll still have time!
      • We haven't decided how long we'll leave the quests running, for now it'll be multiple weeks so you'll have time to play them.
    Upcoming Events

    Two weeks from now, you’ll get to hop into our next event featuring a Valentine’s Day story between some of our favorite Fortnite Friends. We’ll also be adding a new weapon type to Fortnite: The Crossbow plus two new Valentine’s-themed heroes!

    Following that you’ll have the Spring it On Event to look forward to, with Week 1 of our questline launching our v2.6.0 Patch. (Did we mention that has a whole new weapon set, and a weapon that shoots explosive bullets?)

    Thanks again for being part of the community and we look forward to seeing what you think about the new events! (and explosive bullets…)

    Darren Sugg
    Creative Director

    Got questions for our next dev update? Drop ‘em in the comments below!

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    Cant thank you enough for the clarification and communication.


    • #3
      Can we play online now ???


      • #4
        Why are the servers down?


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          Fino a quanto dura


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            Since its only 3 weeks and half I play fortnite save the world ( never played battle royal and not interested ) I missed some quests because of my level ex: the lvl 40 christmas ( I was lvl 24 ) and now the lvl 58 stuff. ( I'm lvl 38 ). I think you should add stuff that everyone can play instead of limiting those that are news to the game. So far I like the game and I can't really complain about BR taking all the place because I'm new and I can live with the bugs because its a EA game. The day the game will have nothing to offer I have my steam account ;) Thank and keep working.


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              When can we play online because,it always said that servers are failded....


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                Past few weeks I'm loving the commication for stw.. Keep it up Devs!!! ;) Founders keep it real


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                  I don't like the sound of this change. Fortnitemares was the best event in my opinion. The change sounds like it disjointed now. I hope I am wrong but on the face of it, I don't like it.


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                    Really nice news. Looks like Epics have started to pay attention to PvE. That's awesome.