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EA Patch Notes 1.4 and Dev Team Update!


EA Patch Notes 1.4 and Dev Team Update!

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  • [OFFICIAL] EA Patch Notes 1.4 and Dev Team Update!

    Hello Storm Chasers!

    During Early Access launch we’ve found bugs that are important for us to address ASAP, so our first update focuses on a number of those fixes. We also snuck in a handful of quality-of-life improvements based on your feedback. For an update on what's next for Fortnite, be sure to watch THIS video from the Dev Team.

    This update will roll out on 8/4 at 4:00 a.m. EDT. It will require some downtime, but we’ll get you back in crushing Husks as fast as we can.

    Read the full EA1.4 Patch Notes on the Fortnite Blog!

    UPDATE: We messed up. Please read this post for clarity on changes to Plankerton, Canny, and Twine Storm Shield bases.
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    This keeps happening only with the Bluglu and i have read about others having the same with the Bluglu it also comes from the tiny Bluglu the troll holds in the mini game and sometimes the Atlas other then that the game runs fine and sommetimes it stops popping up but randomly comming back in the game, Would love a response - Robbus
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      Soooo thanks to this update of yours I cannot access the game I spent $150 cool. I wish you out a warning may make your game unplayable sticker on the update before doing it that way people like me who can just live with the bugs can you know still play the **** game.


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        Hey guys, whatever happened to the HUD options from this patch? they don't seem to be in the current version

        Also missing:
        • Weapons and traps now rotate on the inspect screen.