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Storm Shield Reset - AWS Outage


Storm Shield Reset - AWS Outage

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  • Storm Shield Reset - AWS Outage

    Hey Fortnite community,

    We have received a number of reports that player's Storm Shields may have been reset during today's (September 14) Amazon Web Services outage.
    If you accessed your Storm Shield during the AWS outage, your base may have been overwritten and corrupted.

    We are actively working on restoring affected player's Storm Shields.
    If you affected by this issue and your base has been reset, please reach out to player support at

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


    We have Identified 208 players affected by this issue.
    As it stands, AWS is now up & running and players should no longer be exposed to this issue.

    We are currently attempting to recover every Storm Shield base that we can.
    Affected players will be compensated appropriately, and will be given the tools to rebuild.

    EDIT: Affected players have now received their materials and compensation. Thank you everyone for you patience!
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    Knubside, PC.
    This happened to my Plankerton SSD around Oct 18. I have had to send 3 support emails since then, and today I got this response -
    "Apologies for the delayed response. We have identified a visual bug associated with the Storm Shield Power Level. This is a visual issue only and your progress has not been affected. We are working to address as soon as possible."

    I am very frustrated by this response.