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Storm Shield Storage - Make Good


Storm Shield Storage - Make Good

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  • Storm Shield Storage - Make Good

    Heya folks,

    In our v1.7 Horde Bash update, Storm Shield Storage was wiped for some players due to a bug on our end. We are going to be granting back your missing items.
    If you lost weapons and traps, you will receive both the weapon and/or trap in addition to the materials to create another if you have the schematic.

    We will begin granting the items back today and the rollout will take some time to complete. You may not see your items right away.

    Thank you for your patience through this process.
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    Thanks for the return of the missing items... but all the traps i had were above power 50 (each one had 4 stars and a level of X), now all my returned traps are with no level and power less than ever :'(
    Useless return in another words (except for the mats).
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      Now can not even load a game, only get this error every time. At least I could still play before. (yes a ticket is in) This is frustrating folks.


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        Hello, same issue here.
        When all stuff was returned, got all mats for craft them, ok for that. But level of all my traps are now 38 instead of 82 and 31 for 71.