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Scoped Weapon Sensitivity - How to Change your Settings


Scoped Weapon Sensitivity - How to Change your Settings

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  • Scoped Weapon Sensitivity - How to Change your Settings

    Hey everyone,

    We have noticed that many members of the community have had a poor experience with the default scoped weapons sensitivity settings.

    At this very moment, we are working on improving this experience and adjusting the default settings.

    How to change your sensitivity settings:

    1) Navigate to Settings in the Main Menu drop down (upper right corner)
    2) Select the "Game" tab at the top of the Settings menu
    3) Look for the "Scoped Multiplier" option under the "Game" tab
    4) Adjust to desired value and press "Apply" at the bottom right of the screen to save changes

    Thank you for your patience while we look into the sensitivity!
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    Some people are complaining, that Scoped Multiplier controls both Scoped ARs AND Snipers.
    after much testing, me and a friend can confirm this is NOT the case.

    There seems to be NO setting to change the Scoped AR sensitivity!
    Scoped Multiplier only changes the snipers and target only changes the hard aiming (all non scoped)

    I dont see anything about this in the 1.8 patch notes so i asume its still not fixed?

    I love the Scoped AR but currently its useless to me as its sensitivity is now sooo low (lower than before the extra sensitivity options were introduced)

    Please test this yourselves guys! As no one seems to be listening lol


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      Yes the sniper sense is soooo slow when update 1.8 came out for Xbox. I hate it, please fix soon.


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        Please go back to old settings! If not increase the scoped sensitivity by a lot! The scoped AR is fine, but the sniper is unbearable! I can't even pan an area anymore and it's maxed as high as it can go.