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More Info and Context - 30 FPS Cap - PS4 and PS4 Pro


More Info and Context - 30 FPS Cap - PS4 and PS4 Pro

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  • More Info and Context - 30 FPS Cap - PS4 and PS4 Pro

    Hey Everyone,

    We just wanted to give a bit more context about the decision to cap frame rate on PS4 and PS4 Pro. We should have gotten this out sooner, and we'll try improve on that in the future.

    TLDR: We're really, really sorry to players who appreciated the higher frame rates under certain conditions. Unlocking frame rate was an accidental change with some unusual benefits and drawbacks. We feel that capping consoles to 30 fps will provide the best experience based on our internal metrics and blind play testing. We’ll be looking forward to your feedback and continually working to make the experience awesome!

    In addition, we are also working on improvements over the next couple of weeks, including locking the “front end” UI and lobby screens at 60fps, and investigating adding a “display options” menu on consoles.

    More Background/Technical Info:
    • At launch we had significant problems with frame syncing which was due to the way we were synchronizing the game and render threads with the GPU at 30fps. Digital Foundry made an excellent video that highlights the problem (which was awesome!) and we began work on fixing that.
    • While fixing the frame syncing problem our engineers also identified that in addition to frame syncing, we also had significant input latency because of how we are handling parallel rendering on consoles. This introduced latency as high as 120ms and made the experience on both consoles poor.
    • While working on a fix for this, we inadvertently released a build that uncapped framerate on PS4 and PS4 Pro with our 1.5 release. This was actually a happy mistake, as it hid a lot of the issues with frame syncing and input latency compared to what we launched with and did mean that we hit 60fps in some scenes. However, that also introduced significant variations in frame rate, and we never really reached or could maintain a 60fps lock for longer than a few frames. In general, our data says that average fps on PS4 Pro for Save the World, for example, was around 45fps with a range between 20fps and 55fps. Those dips under 30fps would often get compounded over multiple subsequent frames causing an even worse experience. In addition, it could cause "stuttering" of frames. Your TV can display a new frame 60 times every second, but often would be forced to display the same image twice in a row because the game was rendering at a lower rate. This made smooth camera movements appear "jumpy" as the time between frames oscillated back and forth.
    • Since then, we’ve been working on the real fix to both frame pacing and input latency and doing significant testing on what would provide the best user experience. One of the many measures we use to track performance is what we call “MVP30” or Missed VSync Percentage at 30fps. In simplified terms, how many frames did we miss rendering compared to perfectly rendering every frame at 30fps. At launch we hovered around 5% missed frames. Our last internal performance test had that number at 1% or less.
    • We have also reduced overall input latency from 120ms to around 76ms in typical gameplay, which was achieved by limiting the time between the simulation thread kicking off and the frame being presented to the display.
    • Our hope was that fixing the frame syncing and input latency bugs would introduce a much better player experience at a consistent frame rate for all players. We have run multiple blind playtests with all of the variations, unlocked framerate on PS4 Pro and PS4, locked framerate on Xbox One, along with the correct fix for both, and players were pretty universal in their preference for what we’re about to ship with 1.8.
    • We do intend to cap framerate up to 60fps in our “front end” UI and lobby screens in the short term, and we are constantly striving for optimizing the engine and game code to provide the best experience.
    • We’re also investigating adding a menu for capping and uncapping fps and other types of display options, but want to make sure we think through that sufficiently. There’s always a balance between optimizing and striving for the best, most consistent, user experience while allowing players the ability to play the way they want. We also have to consider the competitive balance implications.
    • As always, we welcome and value your feedback so please let us know your thoughts!

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    Ok, so I didn't play Save the World very much after a few weeks of playing. What got me back into the game was Battle Royale and it was really nice to have the unlocked frame rate there. I play on the PS4 Pro and it didn't really dip very much there if at all. It felt like it was somewhere around the 50s consistently and I was fine with that because the 30fps alternative right now just feels very jarring after not having to deal with it for as long as Battle Royale has been out. I get wanting consistency, and I can understand the balance implications but I really hope that an option to uncap frame rate is offered in the near future because in my personal case the game feels worse off in BR because of this change. It's less smooth and really just feels like such a significant downgrade from what it was yesterday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the uncapped FPS option is something we get because it really is killing the gameplay for me right now. Can I adjust? Sure, but I really dislike the FPS reduction and think it's an unneeded change in BR.


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      Couldnt agree more, 60 fps and 30 fps is day and night. I went from D2 to BR because of the sluggish 30fps. Atleast but in an option to run the game uncapped but with lower graphics. In CQB and quick aiming you need high frame rates to get that smooth aim and reaction.


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        I have a ps4 pro and play on a 1080p tv and BR feels much slower after the update. I immediately noticed it was 30fps vsync when I got in my first match and moved the camera around and saw how slow everything felt. Obviously 30 fps is going to feel slow compared to the 45-60 I was getting before the update. Its very hard to aim now even though it is smooth, just not quick. I also realize the polling rate of the controller could be 60hz or higher and the fps can still be capped at 30fps but that is not how it felt to me. It felt like much more input lag compared to before the update.

        PLEASE provide an uncapped option for ps4 pro.

        Did you test 1.8 on a ps4 pro with and without cap? or was it 1.5? Because maybe a performance regression was introduced into 1.8


        • RauVisk commented
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          YES! We seriously need the option. Especially for us who bought the pro for the frames!

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        Really poor performance on a base PS4 with the patch 1.8 frame rate lock. The game often dips under 30fps even on PS4 Pro, I don't understand the frame lock for BR.
        The game played much better previously, hoping for a revert.
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          You guys are just flat out wrong in this scenario. The uncapped was a problem with overheating the consoles but going to 60 FPS cap would have been good enough. The menu was the only REAL problem. Dropping from 60 to 40 fps in a fight is still better then 30 FPS. The biggest compliment this game WAS getting with console was how good and essential 60+ fps is in a shooter. LOVE this game 60 + dollars spent so far. Please test with your community before rolling out stuff like this. I guarantee NO ONE appreciates this change.


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            Battle Royale team, please 30 fps cap is not good way to go (especially on PS4 Pro). As a fan of shooting games, I really feel it in the game. Give us option for at least 60fps. Shooting pvp game should not run with 30 fps. We would really appreciate that "display options" on PS4, with possibility to adjust FPS... same as PC users has.


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              I’m glad people are agreeing with the change to a locked 30 being poor. It really feels like a big mistake. There were some other people saying the reason why I didn’t like the change was because my TV was bad which I’m still confused by.


              • RauVisk commented
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                Agree, 60fps is a requirement for a FPS.

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              after first experiencing the game in unlocked fps on my ps4 pro and now seeing how 30fps runs....

              CHANGE. IT. BACK. EPIC.

              it runs like **** now and ran fine before. It's a flat-out downgrade of my experience. At the very least, add a toggle so I can CHOOSE to take whatever you seem to think the potential drawbacks of 60fps are.


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                PLEASE put it back. I can't handle this!! I have a pro, it ran absolutely fine for me!

                Originally posted by MarcusSoul View Post
                I’m glad people are agreeing with the change to a locked 30 being poor. It really feels like a big mistake. There were some other people saying the reason why I didn’t like the change was because my TV was bad which I’m still confused by.
                Yeah my TV doesnt do 30fps very well. It has alot of judder.


                • Dr Zhivago commented
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                  How 60 Hz tv with is designed to draw 60 frames per second, can do bad woth 30 fps, where it is, just drawing same frame twice?

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                Come on! Realy? 60fps to 30fps (even lower with new patch) After the new patch is runs like **** on my PS4 Pro.. That's a big downgrade!. It was the first thing i notice and it realy sucks. If it doesn't change you lost me, too bad i realy enjoyed the game first.
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                  I hope the devs see this and get that this decision really hurt the console user base. I hope this gets more traction too so that more people can voice their opinion on it.


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                    Will you un ap fps for moar power full xbox one x? I will stop buyin coins if you wont!


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                      2017-11-02 Patch 1.27 - uncapped frame rate for PS4 and PS4Pro, Xbox and Mac.

                      Battle Royale team! Do you realize what you just did with this uncap of FPS? YOU JUST MADE THE BEST GAME FOR CONSOLES!

                      For 400$ (ps4 pro) that stunning graphic and uncapped FPS and possibility to play with mouse and keyboard which is rare on consoles, and free multiplayer = BEST GAME EVER!

                      Please, never change it back and keep it like this! I didn even notice any imput lags. Only PS4 Pro is more noisy! But who cares!

                      MANY THANKS Battle Royale team!!!

                      Best Regards,


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                        Thanks for fixing it in 1.8.1. The uncapped option works great on my ps4 pro again in BR. I am curious how your testing lead you to believe that 30fps is better in battle royale on ps4 pro, because it is night and day when playing unless you were only testing the lobby or something.