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Fortnitemare Poster Giveaway

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    Fortnitemare Poster Giveaway

    Fortnitemares can’t go without treats, so to honor the spirit of the season we will be having a giveaway every day until Halloween night! More details below.

    Day 1

    Comment below with your favorite new change in Patch V1.8!

    • DAILY: One Signed Fortnitemares Poster
    • DAILY: Two Unsigned Fortnitemares Posters
    • Final Day Prize: One Smasher Statue

    Each day until Halloween we will be giving away one signed Fortnite Halloween poster and two unsigned posters to random winners! On October 31st, we will choose one lucky person at random to win an exclusive Fortnite Smasher Statue as thanks for all of the support this community has shown Fortnite,


    Q: How do I enter?

    A: Each day we will have a new Forum Post with a different theme. Just follow the directions
    of the post and we will randomly pick a winner from all applicants each day.

    Q: Is this restricted to NA only?

    A: Nope! Anyone on the planet can enter and win if they have a valid shipping address.

    Q: Do I need to own the full game?

    A: No, anyone can enter!

    Q: Can I enter more than once per day?

    A: You can only enter once a day on each new giveaway post.

    Q: How do I know if I won?

    A: You will receive a direct message on the forums and we will post the winners in the following day's Giveaway!

    Q: Can I win more than one poster?

    A: No, each person will only be able to win one signed or unsigned poster from this event.

    First and foremost, love the new update. Now my fav new feature in update v1.8 has to be the new Pro Gamer configuration for controller on PS4. I can now seamlessly glide between weapon choices, building and when entering the new inventory layout see everything with clarity. You simply killed it. Thanks for your hardwork and delivering an essential improvement! Now I gotta go, got some killin' and building to do!
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      I ​​ the new schematic design


        My favorite change is the new unique look from: Heroes, Defenders, Leaders, Workers, Schematics and Transform Keys.


          New traps! Looking forward to crushing husks with tires. And finding out what kind of crazy crossfire can be set up around a freeze trap. :-)
          Fortnite: Heroes try to Save the World, not play Dress Up Royale.


            I loved the intro FMV we got upon logging into the game after the update. I also really REALLY like the new UI. The previous one was good, but this one is great! It makes me feel more like a true commander operating out of a command center (I'm really into PvE if you couldn't tell) . The card design looks good too. I like the grid background added to schematics, makes them feel more like... well.. schematics! Also I can see all the heroes pretty faces so much better than before.

            I'm looking forward to diving into the new content, also looking forward to even more cool stuff in the future.
            Great work!


              Regarding consoles:
              • Voice chat comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
              • The new “Combat Pro” controller config

              Hands down.


                this new update is amazing i love the freeze trap ! ♥


                  Wow I love the Reaper (scythe). Great update


                    The new UI updates are wonderful and graphically amazing! It really looks great and refreshing! Can't wait to see what's next!


                      The 2 new traps are amazing.

                      TY so much for adding a trap we can use above ramps. It really looks great!


                        I think the small graphical/UI updates like how the storm looks or how loot looks when you hover over it or when it's in your inventory.


                          Love everything about the new 1.8 patch. I can't get enough. Your killing it Fortnite. Thanks


                            Originally posted by Vogelz View Post
                            Love everything about the new 1.8 patch. I can't get enough. Your killing it Fortnite. Thanks
                            ^^This but if i need to pick something i would say gameplay/control changes. Im one of those old school gamers that doesnt really care so much about graphics and skins etc. but will appreciate flawless and fluid gameplay. All performance tweaks and fixes are, of course, always very welcome and needed. All in all keep up the good work.


                              I love that there is so much to do and you are adding content all the time. A lot of companies can learn from you.