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Fortnitemare Poster Giveaway - Day 3

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Fortnitemare Poster Giveaway - Day 3

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    Fortnitemare Poster Giveaway - Day 3

    Fortnitemares can’t go without treats, so to honor the spirit of the season we will be having a giveaway every day until Halloween night! More details below.

    Due to some stability issue this weekend we decided to hold off on day 3 until Monday. However, instead of choosing 3 winners we are going to choose 9 for today's giveaway!

    Day 2 Winners

    KaelangTV - Hakkaiju - Iron Man

    Day 3 Begins

    Comment with how you heard about Fortnite

    • Day 3: Three Signed Fortnitemares Poster
    • Day 3: Six Unsigned Fortnitemares Posters
    • Final Day Prize: One Smasher Statue

    On October 31st, we will choose one lucky person at random to win an exclusive Fortnite Smasher Statue as thanks for all of the support this community has shown Fortnite,


    Q: How do I enter?

    A: Each day we will have a new Forum Post with a different theme. Just follow the directions of the post and we will randomly pick a winner from all applicants each day.

    Q: Is this restricted to NA only?

    A: Nope! Anyone on the planet can enter and win if they have a valid shipping address.

    Q: Do I need to own the full game?

    A: No, anyone can enter!

    Q: Can I enter more than once per day?

    A: You can only enter once a day on each new giveaway post.

    Q: How do I know if I won?

    A: You will receive a direct message on the forums and we will post the winners in the following day's Giveaway!

    Q: Can I win more than one poster?

    A: No, each person will only be able to win one signed or unsigned poster from this event.

    Friends and Gaming News Sites


      Giant Bomb


        Saw someone playing Battle Royale on Twitch, then saw you had a Save the World mode... I'm now loving PvE :D


          Saw it in the newspaper


            I heard about Fortnite from a twitch streamer named Trymacs. Then I just thought: "Mh... this PvE campaign looks so cool :D Let's try it out!" And now I bought the Limited Founders Package and two of my friends are loving this too :D Great work Epic Games for such a fantastic game


              My friends were like, "Hey do you play Fortnite?". I said no, downloaded it and have been hooked ever since.


                GrinningOwl Failcasts


                  i show pub in facebook


                    Saw it about a year ago as i looked for games i could play which could be released in early 2017 and i loved it from the first time i saw it. I really like you service you do for the game! Keep it up guys!


                      I watched a vanossgaming video on fortnite (multiple times) and ended up preordering the limited edition and buying the ultimate because of how interesting it looked and how exciting it actually was to play.

                      (had my friends watch the video too and they now play aswell)
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                        I heard about this game long time ago, but before a month I saw a youtube video that there is new game mode called "Battle Royale". Love this game mode. That's how I started playing the game.


                          I first heard about it when it was announced but forgot about it until Battle royale was released and since then I got early access because it’s so addicting


                            I saw a trailer on facebook


                              Got invited to play in one of the OT’s about a year and a half ago and loved it ever since!
                              The buck stops here.