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Final Day of Fortnitemares Giveaway


Final Day of Fortnitemares Giveaway

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  • Final Day of Fortnitemares Giveaway

    Fortnitemares can’t go without treats, so to honor the spirit of the season we will be having a giveaway every day until Halloween night! More details below.

    Day 3 Winners

    Signed: ChillBruv - Mostorn - JiceHD
    Unsigned: NokarStormBlade - Flieg_ - Nimassus - Kaleidodemon - Totterson - Dragon Eddie

    Today will mark the final day of the Fortnitemares Giveaway. We will only be holding the giveaway on our Twitter for this last day and the prizes can be found below.

    • Day 3: Three Signed Fortnitemares Posters
    • Day 3: Six Unsigned Fortnitemares Posters
    • Final Day Prize: One Smasher Statue


    Q: How do I enter?

    A: Go to our Twitter page, follow and comment on the giveaway post #Fortnitemares

    Q: Is this restricted to NA only?

    A: Nope! Anyone on the planet can enter and win if they have a valid shipping address.

    Q: Do I need to own the full game?

    A: No, anyone can enter!

    Q: Can I enter more than once per day?

    A: You can only enter once a day on each new giveaway post.

    Q: How do I know if I won?

    A: You will receive a direct message on Twitter

    Q: Can I win more than one poster?

    A: No, each person will only be able to win one signed or unsigned poster from this event.

  • #2
    I don't have twitter!! CURSES!!

    But, hey! I just won an unsigned poster so I'm STOKED!!

    Is there a possibility that purchasing 10,000 V-bucks might upgrade me to a "Signed" version...?! XD


    • #3
      I won! I never win anything lol TY TY!! Ill be sure to post a pic when it arrives :D


      • #4
        Hell yeah! Time to make my girl jealous af
        wait. I don't have twitter either!
        soo... Can I just message someone from epic my address and stuff as a message?
        Last edited by Nimassus; 10-31-2017, 07:02 PM.


        • #5
          I think they will message us via the Forum Nimassus, just have to wait I guess ><


          • #6
            im pretty much impatient and wrote popo already ^^"


            • #7
              Twitter... welp. Why is the last day on Twitter though and not here? Curious.
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              • #8
                Oh my... I just won? I am so happy right now :D Need to wait for the message


                • #9
                  I was playing Fortnite this Saturday when my doorbell rang. When I went to answer it, my new Fortnitemares poster was waiting for me in a delivery tube!

                  WOOOHOO!!! Thanks, EPIC!!!