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ADS Bug? or Mechanic? Console (PS4)


ADS Bug? or Mechanic? Console (PS4)

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    ADS Bug? or Mechanic? Console (PS4)

    I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I always get tilted by it.
    A lot of the time it seems that some action I'm doing in game e.g. Jumping, stops the ADS from engaging even after I land. I then have to let go of the L2 and press it again to aim down sights.
    I find I am often in gun fights where I think/am trying to ADS but I am not.
    I get that you might not want players to ADS while jumping, but it should work once you land, not require you to let go of the button and press again.
    This seems to be even worse after the DEC 7 patch, which could be because of the changes to the movement/sensitivity. Either way, the gunplay is feeling quite broken compared to how it was.
    The sensitivity was perfect pre DEC 7. Just need to remove aim assist or at least add option to disable it. It just messes with your muscle memory and makes your aim feel like there is a force field around the enemies.

    Just my opinion, but I think this is an issue.


    Yeah same problem here dk how to fix rlly annoys me tho