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50v50 gamemode ideas

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    50v50 gamemode ideas

    We all must admit that "Trailer" for 50v50 had us flipping with how cool it was!.. now I think the game mode didn't turn out as planned and I have 2 ideas for different versions of it

    V.1 it's 50v50! one team gets one half the map the other team.. well the other side you have 10 minutes to gather resources such as wood, brick, metal and your weapons and whatever else! after the 10 minutes you spawn into a already built tower there's Ex. amount of rocket launchers / grenade launchers in spawn spots with the ammunition for it spawning every so often to prevent griefing destroying your own teams building wouldn't be a thing and from that the 50v50 begins you are in towers / forts batting it out but as the current 50v50 has you have your squad of 4 since communication could be important once you are the last alive and so are 3 others ( of your squads ) you all get put into one together

    V.2 50 players ( a team ) have 10 minutes to gather resources like the game mode listed before ... but the other team spends the 10 minutes at their tower and spawn with however much wood and traps so for the team in the fort they spawn with random weapons and traps / building materials and after the 10 minute period the team that had to gather and prepare resources get pushed to the tower slowly but surely they get there and the 50v50 goes on the 50 in the tower have random spawn weapons because they have the advantage so weaker weapons may level it out

    Dear Epic Games staff if you have read this I thank you very much :)

    I would like a 50v50 similar to this but with Capture the flag implemented! The thing i would like though is a chain of command system to go along with this.

    Capture the flag:

    1. Plant the flag
    2. Defend the flag
    3. Capture the flag

    Chain of Command:

    ●1 Architect (needs a creative gamemode to create the blueprints for the fort that protects the flag)
    ●9 Builders (start out the game with 500 of each resource)
    ●5 Defender Squads (defend the planted flag)
    ●5 Attacker Squads (attack the enemy flag)

    Blueprint mode:
    Blueprint mode would be a mode that players can design forts that can carry into all game modes.
    once designed players can then have the option to create a blue ghost of the fort on the location they plant it. Only that player and those who are on your team can see the blue ghost. Then once your team has enough resources they can then build the base using those designs. The rules are slightly different on the capture the flag mode. See capture the flag rules for more info.

    Capture the flag rules:

    ●Architect: The architect has two roles; plant the flag ANYWHERE on the map and use their blueprint designs to protect the flag. They are the only one who can use blueprints on this gamemode and is randomly selected once the game starts.

    ●Builders: Start with 500 of each resource to build the fort the architect designs. Cant leave a certain radius from the flag until all resources are used up to prevent them from leaving the flag base unfinished.

    ●Defender squads: each squad player spawns in with 2 of each trap. They are to gather and loot for weapons and bring weapons back to base to defend it.

    ●Attacker squads: each squad player spawns in with 1 launchpad, 1 pistol, and 1 rifle (burst or assault). They go to capture the flag.

    The objective is to capture the other teams flag by bringing it to your teams capture point (certain radius from flag original spot.

    Flags once placed can not be picked up by your team. Therefore if an enemy grabs the flag and dies and they drop the flag, that is where your team must build a new fort.

    flag holders cant run. The way to balance this is they are not trackable on the radar or on the screen (or at least it only gives a general area of where they are).

    Respawn is enabled but players must wait a 5 minute penalty.

    Team kills is disabled.

    i think this game mode would do what 50v50 was marketed to do.