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    Weekly Challenges

    With people progressing so quickly in the Battle Pass Challenges I had an Idea.

    Once you complete the weeks challenge for example all of week one's challenges it would unlock week 2 for you to complete and so forth.

    I don't see any point in you guys making us wait a whole week when we can finish the challenges in less than a day.

    If you guys have any other reasons as to why they should implement this please feel free to add your comments :)


    Then why call them "Weekly" Challenges? They'd might as well just call them Season Challenges and have all of them unlocked at the same time.
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      Who wants to sit there for an hour trying to visit 10 named locations and every other challenge for an hour when I could be playing the game and not missing out on having fun why are we forced to suffer by doing these dreadful non fun challenges that take me away from why I first started playing this game. I'm not the only one only little kids appeal to this and people who are bad at the game to keep them interested while everyone else suffers.


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        Most challenges can be done quickly and the one you mention can even be done in normal gameplay (just drop somewhere else every game or in one game using the plane).
        I think the weekly challenges appeal to many of the casual players. Why else would you buy a battle pass. It also brings more fun in the fame, not everyone goes for the high kill record.
        And last but not least, you don't have to complete them in a week. They are there the whole season.

      It is not a race to complete the battle pass the fastest.

      People like you and me can complete the weekly challenges in a few hours but from what I hear around me and online is that many people struggle to complete the full battle pass in the season itself.


        The weekly challenges are fine. They spread out the season, and give you something to work towards. I'd be willing to bet that epic likes the fact that they bring people back to the game every week, and are timed to hit near the weekend so the most people will be able to try and complete them when they aren't at work/in skewl. If they just dumped them all at once, there would be weeks of low play, and customers would get hooked on some other game instead of fortnite.

        Now I do agree some of their "challenges" can be challenging. The worst being the "kill with a trap". The visit places is one of the most innocent ones they have, closely followed by the "stage" concept that forces you to complete in multiple games. That's a pretty obvious clue that epic uses these things to keep you playing their game, not someone else's game.

        For that reason alone, I wouldn't expect much change in this area of the game.


          It's more annoying like I rather play the game then spend time catching up to finish what's left of my challenges some challenges are run on timers aswell. Doing challenges takes time away I want to spend playing, not wasting my match to run around the map. They could make them simple and relate the challenges more to playing the game, like get 20 kills then get 20 assault kills,15 grenade eliminations ect. So then you can keep playing while doing challenges that relate to playing battle Royale. In the end I can just miss out on skins or pay for them witch I already half am by getting the battle pass.