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Indepth Fortnite Poll on Nerfs/Changes (What the community wants)


Indepth Fortnite Poll on Nerfs/Changes (What the community wants)

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    Indepth Fortnite Poll on Nerfs/Changes (What the community wants)


    The shotgun nerfs referenced in this thread/poll refer to the tactical and pump shotguns damage & head shot multiplier damage (critical hit) nerfs only. This poll also covers "double pumping". Double pumping is the act of carrying multiple pump shotguns (or others like the heavy shotgun) in order to switch from one to another after shooting to shorten the time between shots. I will refer to this as double pumping or DP. Below is the highlighted damage/head shot multiplier nerf.
    • Pump Shotgun
      • Headshot multiplier reduced from 2.5 to 2.0
      • Damage reduced from 90/95 to 80/85
    • Tactical Shotgun
      • Headshot multiplier reduced from 2.5 to 2.0

    Tactical shotguns(I believe?) and pump shotguns have also recently had a drop off increase and the head shot bubble has been made smaller therefore you must be closer to successfully land a head shot. These nerfs aren't part of this poll.

    I have also added some concepts from other posters and points I have seen made here such as changing the head shot multiplier (HSM), changing rarities, and a one shotgun carry limit. I have made up 35 different options to choose from so we can pin point exactly what people want to have happen with the shotguns. This is in response to my last poll having been said to be to black and white. Since the shotgun dilemma is complex I gave several complex choices. This way everyone should find a comfortable option. I had to cut some options when they caused the tactical shotgun to do more/equal headshot damage compared to the pump which would make the pump useless.

    When voting on ones including damage amounts and head shot multipliers please keep this in mind for your math.
    Grey(common) Tactical Shotgun = 67 body damage
    Green(uncommon) Tactical Shotgun = 70 body damage
    Blue(rare) Tactical Shotgun blue = 74 body damage

    I have condensed each choice therefore I used a lot of abbreviations. Here are what they each stand for. Please read this carefully and use it for reference when voting.
    RTY = Rarity
    U = Uncommon
    R = Rare
    E = Epic
    DP = Double Pump
    LIM = Limit
    DMG = Damage
    HSM = head shot multiplier (Critical hit)
    SG = Shotgun
    Tac = Tactical Shotgun
    Pump = Pump Shotgun
    RVT = Revert
    NF = Nerf
    KP = Keep
    IMPS = Impose

    I included the future "material cap nerf", the Llama material nerf and the opaque editing nerf in this poll. I opted to leave the 30 to 20 material reduction found in chests/floor loot since the more combinations I have the more choices there are. It also seemed like such a small change that it is irrelevant. Some of my wording may be confusing in this poll so I will first give you the abbreviations I used and explain what I mean by certain options.

    Mat(s) = Material
    Llam = Llama
    OPAQ = Opaque
    Trans = Transparency
    INCR = Increase
    S = Solo
    D = Dous
    SQ = Squads
    @ = at
    KP = Keep
    RVT = Revert
    NF = Nerf

    Some wording explanations, examples.
    "RVT Llam Mats @200" Means Revert to 500
    "RVT Edit Trans" means revert the editing to how it worked before the Opaque editing nerf

    Rocket ammo availability has been reduced by 50%. You can now only carry 12 unloaded rockets on you. So there is a "rocket ammo cap". Llamas also don't drop rocket ammo anymore. These changes are part of this poll. Here is a list of abbreviations used.

    RCKT(s) = Rocket(s)
    AVBL = availability
    Llam = Llama
    INV = Inventory
    NF = Nerf
    KP = Nerf

    I also added a traps damage poll since I have heard complaints.

    I also added a jetpacks poll since I am unsure what the community really felt on those.

    Take Poll

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    I am reserving this post to update you guys with results. Or at least updated as to the top five choices. Everyone please vote. I worked really hard on this and tried to include any perspectives/ideas I could.

    Please vote leave a comment and upvote the thread also.
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      Now this is a poll! Nice job on it dude


        Thank you! I tried to add every idea I could without having like 50 different options each lol. I listened to people mentioning that there is more to it rather than liking or disliking changes. Since there were different reasons why someone’s would feel that way.

        Someone mentioned about increasing swap times. Maybe I should have been more clear but the NF “DP” (Nerf double pump) I felt covered swap time increases. Since that’s how they nerfed double pump in the past. I could be wrong on making this assumption. So whoever was asking about not seeing there option. I think the option you wanted was “KP Tac & Pump NF, NF “DP” (Keep Tactical shotgun & Pump shotgun nerf, nerf double pump”). I feel if that option wins or is one of the top votes options maybe people will assume it includes swap time increases? Maybe I should have ran the options by the community first :/.
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          Nah no possible bias or leading questions? Hmm for starters labeling as "nerf" when actually it's called change. If you recall recently there were the addition of the heavies and that was the reason the shotgun/pump stats were adjusted accordingly. Will have a better look at this opinion poll. Thank god the game isn't designed by public opinion polls or it be a frightful mess.

          Ok, I've had a quick look at IMO you need to go back to the drawing board. I trust Epics balancing decisions, keep it up the rest of the options are too confusing. Have you actually tried reading it?

          Ok just had a quick peek the results. I get the impression no-one "trusts" Epic to keep making changes until they find the right balance. LMAO
          The wording it as "I trust" LMAO. No way that might influence responses. :D

          They have or should have one major tool that's the statistics what actually happens in gameplay. Now if I recall when they changed the colours of what was it the tac or pump without changing the stats for the weapons the majority "opinion" or psychological effect was to "assume" by the colour that is was better. Just demonstrates that players don't necessarily know best.

          You got to take in the whole dynamics of the game.

          I trust Epic one day in the near future to possibly find the appropriate feature balances. Gee, I trust them more to keep adding more features and tweaks to keep the game "fun". Either that or it's fun treating players like guinea pigs. :D

          Ps You probably find resistance to any changes is about as useful information you'll get from the poll. :)
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            I did not add any biased to this poll. I added a large plethora of options. Clearly I don’t agree with a large portion of the options and I agree with a pretty decent chunk of the options. I wish I could have enabled maybe 2-3 votes for the material/shotgun options since several of them seem acceptable or fair. I feel it could be hard to pick just one option pertaining to this ones. Due to the many aspects of each option I think the top 5 choices on both the shotgun and material sections should be taken into account. Or reoccurring themes should be. Which ever one wins especially in those two should not be taken as gospel.

            I understand the options could be hard to read due to abbreviations and such. That’s why I made abbreviation keys in the original/first post. That’s why I also explained it there.

            The wording isn’t designed to sway people any direction. Changes is the vague term. Changes pertaining to balancing come in two forms. They are in the forms of “buffs” or “nerfs”. That doesn’t mean buff means it’s something good or that nerf means it is something bad. Some buffs are game breaking as are some nerfs. Some nerfs and some buffs are necessary as are balancing changes in general at times. Nerfs means it makes the item less effective and buff means it makes the item more effective. Using the wording “trust” isn’t some sort of an attack on Epic or to prove that people don’t trust Epic. Some people have stated they simply trust Epics balancing decisions. That option is reflection of that.

            Though in all seriousness let me know what you guys feel about this poll if I get enough feedback on changes then maybe I will have to rerelease an edited version of this poll. I just didn’t know how much word space I had for each option. I also didn’t know how many choices I could implement. I also felt to many would make it that no one would want to read through it all. I can’t change this specific one because people already voted.
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              The subtle emotive wording starting with using "nerf" in the post title, "trust" and even "change" might inadvertently influence opinions. Would recommend avoiding any emotive language which might influence responses. It may cloud anything meaningful information and interruption of results. I understand the complexity what trying to achieve thou listing various permutations IMO makes it quite confusing. Yeah, add in the over-reliance on way too many abbreviations just adds to that confusion. Would take a good 5-10 minutes to understand all the abbreviations then still would need flicking between the post and the survey which should take a minute to complete at most for a couple few questions.

              Need to find a series of questions to simplify what information trying to obtain. It probably requires numerous simple questions focusing on each aspect separately instead of mixing together features. Like you said a multiple of choices for some questions might be viable. Could add in players experience to distinguish between first time/new players. Note having the first impression of the game can be just a valuable as experienced players regardless of perceived skill. For good program design getting opinions from first impressions without being clouded from previous versions/experience can be extremely handy. You might have vastly different responses of experienced v new players.

              Try some actual professionally written surveys and take note of their design. I've done a lifetime of them from various sites. Generally, they're 5-20 minutes. You need careful not too long and keep question fairly simple.

              Was thinking maybe more indirect questions like how much materials do you usually carry or feel that's adequate etc. Instead of focusing on Llamas/floor loot should have XYZ amount of materials etc. Similar questions for other features. It gets quickly complex due to numerous features and how they influence each other. Requires a "bit" of thinking to design an effective poll that aiming to achieve improve overall game balance.

              Overall many may need to change their line of thinking instead what has been lost/nerfed but what has been gained. It's natural will get resistance to any changes eg like when the oversupply of chocolate is taken away and put on a diet.

              Regarding "Trust" whenever I hear that word the "Warning Will Robinson" alarm bells ring. :)

              Will add more comments later. It deserves some decent comments as you've attempted to put a significant effect in the poll.

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                Great job you've done hear man, honestly hoping epic sees this and uses the info you've gathered.


                  Thank you! Also Fortuna Belli at first I thought maybe you were trolling me but I now see you are not. You are just trying to help. Thank you.


                    I don’t mind the nerf but you’ve got to fix the 7 damage headshots. Fix the accuracy with the bloom and keep the damage! Repost and like if u agree!


                    • Draco Safarius commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Now this man right here knows what's up

                    Good job, but I think it would be much clearer with topics like mat caps and the edit nerf separated.

                    As expected, most people don't like opaque edit. I really hope Epic pays attention to this. It's nice they want to encourage people to camp less, but this solution is just lazy.


                      I guess i feel like who cares if someone camps. People play in a multitude of different ways and they should be able to play how they want. With that being said people should also not complain about others play styles.

                      It does definitely look like most of the changes aren’t liked but there is also some support for them at the same time. I like how there are votes for multiple different options in some of the questions. That’s what I kind of hoped for. It looks like no one likes the jet packs lmao.


                        Well looks like we only have 20 votes which tells us nothing. I feel there needs to be like 500 votes on this to be able to determine anything.