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    Playground suggestion

    This suggestions is for the Playground mode:

    I think the playground mode should not be a LTM, it should be like a custom mode that is always in the game where we can train and play with only our friends
    I love this mode because there are infinite possibilities to do and I think it would be even better if we could choose some settings for the match, such as:
    -Choose the game maximum time
    -Choose if there are llamas or not
    -Choose if materials drop more or less (wood, stone, metal)
    -Choose if the storm is faster or slower, or even if there is a storm in the match
    -Choose the number of chests and ammo boxes

    I also think there should be a way to make teams
    I think these suggestions would make the playground mode better than it is now!

    Thank you for the attention
    (Sorry if there are any language errors, I am brazilian)