This is one of the most amazing games out there, but when I decided to buy the PVE I was hurt badly. My little sister wanted me to buy her the fully priced PVE game, and so I did just to later realize that your fully priced PSN game has to be bought multiple times on one console if someone else wants to play it on that console. I own over 80 games, all of them bought off the store, and all of them can be played by any of my other PS4 accounts, except for Fortnite.

My PS4 bought your game. I as the primary PSN can play your game on my PS4, my sister as the subaccount can't play your game on my PS4. Why then is your game on the PSN store to begin with? Am I supposed to spend $160 CA dollars just so my sister and I can both play you fully priced $79.99 game with separated progression on my one PS4? Are you truly asking me and my little sister, and your community, to buy your fully priced game more than once...?

Also as a side note and a minor complaint, your PS4 hip fire sensitivity (building sensitivity) has had a glitch for over 3 seasons now, this glitch works by saving your sensitivity to the nearest .5 setting, so if I choose to have a 7.8 sensitivity it will go down to 7.5. If I instead choose to have an 8.0 sensitivity it will then go up to the 8.5 setting. Sometimes it can get too fast or too slow, since the 7.6s all the way up to the 8.4s are completely unavailable.