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New Game mode Idea, Noise Elimination


New Game mode Idea, Noise Elimination

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    New Game mode Idea, Noise Elimination

    A new and never before game mode setup, starting out with not 100 people (no respawn). The disco right at the bottom left of the map is a quit loud place, you can't hear people going in and out due to the music. What if it had its own game mode, more details will follow. A start is expanding the disco and area around it in order to have that play area. Two teams one inside the other outside. Player count will depend on how bigger the disco gets the bigger the more players. The two teams starts the game by looting normally they have 6 minutes to loot until the storm moves in, then 10 minutes to fight as the storm moves in. (Outside team drops from the Battle Bus to start looting, inside team should know when they have dropped down).

    Game mode more details and rules follows

    Inside team can't go outside as the doors do not open, outside team has to break in to enter.

    Anything inside and outside can be destroyed to gain Matts but only the disco building's outside walls cannot be destroyed. (Only the outside team can destroy the build's outside walls but it has the biggest health).

    Outside team destroys the power supply to the disco to stop the music from the outside obviously (emergency lights are lit), inside team will know when it's being destroyed. (This has a tactical approach to it; outside team will have to break in strategic ways).
    They can break in after the storm moves (after the first 6 minutes of looting time). They can destroy the power supply the same time as they break in, outside team chooses when to do both, at the same time, after they break, or before they break in, but some teammates has to be outside to shut the power supply. If they break in with the power supply not destroyed they have 1 minute after they break in to destroy the power or the inside team will know where they are (blimps are shown on the map for as long as the power supply is not destroyed)

    no revives players are eliminated right away.

    All currently
    available guns in game are usable. (Suppressed weapons have a key importance)

    No supply drops or llamas. (Would be unfair for the inside team)

    The more people destroying the power the faster it gets destroyed.

    The inside team can set up traps and position themselves to prepare to defend.

    The tactical approach to this new game mode is the whole purpose of it. The outside team has to go in to kill the inside team while the inside team defends themselves it's a matter of offence and defence.
    The whole purpose of destroying the power supply is to really show how important the sound of footsteps, gunfire, and pickaxe destruction is.

    The purpose of when to destroy the power supply is how and when the outside team will start their attack, they can go in before destroying (smart and quiet way), or they can go in after destroying the power supply (the loud and dumb way). It's a matter of the amount of people going in to attack, if it’s the smart way the team will need to have some teammates destroying the power and most in the attack, but if it's the loud and dumb way they will have almost the whole team attacking and just one or two destroying the power. (Will take longer to destroy but just enough time before they are shown their position).

    This was an idea make right on the spot, it started out of an idea of why doesn't Epic make us be able to stop the music somehow then ideas came up with this whole detail game mode. This is for sure something different for Fortnite and depending on its consideration and how much the disco will be expanded will make the game mode still feel like Fortnite, expanding the building to the point of still being able to build something would make the difference to the fortnite building vibe.