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Multiplayer modes that use heroes from STW


Multiplayer modes that use heroes from STW

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    Multiplayer modes that use heroes from STW

    So I thought of this new idea for new multiplayer team-based modes that would use the heroes' from save the world and their abilities.

    ​​​​​These modes could have many types of objectives. A capture the flag, a team deathmatch, or escort the payload mode. Each mode would have teams of 4-8 players. Players would have the choice to choose between "classes" Such as the constructor, ninja, soldier, and outlander and each class will only have two abilities.

    The classes would have the following abilities

    the constructor would have: Bullrush and plasma pulse.

    The ninja would have: Throwing stars and Dragon slash.

    The outlander would have: T.E.D.D.Y. and Phase Shift.

    The Soldier would have: Frag grenade and Goin' commando!.

    These abilities would be used in combat against the other team. Each class would also have there own weapons.

    The ninja would have an SMG as their main weapon, a sword as their secondary weapon.

    The outlander would have a weak but fast fire rate Assault rifle as their main weapon and a hardware melee as their secondary. (like a pipe, crowbar ect.)

    The constructor would have a shotgun as their main weapon and a sledgehammer or rocket sledge as their secondary weapon

    The soldier would have a strong but low fire rate assault rifle and a light machete as their secondary.

    All classes would have a pistol as a third weapon as well.

    In terms of cosmetics, the heroes you would have in Save The World like "Lotus assassin ken" Or "miss bunny penny" Would be available in the form of "Skins" In the multiplayer team-based modes.


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