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{Gun Suggestion) Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)


{Gun Suggestion) Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)

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    {Gun Suggestion) Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)

    We have Light Machine Guns, Submachine Guns, but no Heavy Machine Gun??
    So I thought of the stats the Machine Gun could have if it was ever added into the game.

    Heavy Machine Gun
    Epic & Legendary Varients
    Medium Bullets
    DPS: 232

    Damage: 29.6

    Fire Rate: 10.0

    Magazine Size: 130

    Reload Time: 5.65

    Structure Damage 14.98

    First Shot Accuracy: 2.5 Second
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    No shooters have a “heavy machine gun” because those are considered turrets. They would be mounted on the ground. A “light” machine gun is basically just a gun that shoots like a turret (high capacity magazine and rapid fire rate) but can be held by hand.


    • Sacred Sippycup commented
      Editing a comment
      Its not actually "Light" its just light compared to what it would be if it was mounted to the ground.