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Save The World Style Limited Time Game mode

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    Save The World Style Limited Time Game mode

    Alright, let's clear things up here. I know the majority of STW players don't like STW things coming to BR, learned that the 'hard way' from suggesting this in Global. But I would like to get some opinions from the BR side of Fortnite about my cross-over game mode idea.

    Here is my idea, in list format first

    Name: Abilities Mayhem
    Description: A crossover between Save The World And Battle Royale. Battle it out for a victory royale with special abilities but watch your energy, your abilities need it to work
    Party Size: Solo, Duo, Squad (Maybe 50 v 50 for a real show)

    Now for the long description of my suggestion.

    As most of us know, we don't really have skins in STW but instead, we have heroes. Which are kinda like skins but a majority of them have different abilities and stats. Depending on what class and subclass you choose the abilities you can use will be different. Abilities in STW require energy to use, so do they in this game mode to prevent spamming. Everyone starts off with 100 energy and regen at a rate of 5 per second. A couple of abilities that would be interesting to use in the game mode are, 'Anti-Material Charge', 'BASE', 'Phase Shift' and 'War Cry'. Recommend me better ones :)

    'Anti Material Charge' - "Performs a punch that travels 1 tile, dealing damage to any structure punch" - Short In-Game Description
    This ability will allow the player to quickly dispatch structures. When it's activated the player will charge in a straight line, structures that are caught in its path will be immediately destroyed, no matter the material or how many. I think 2-5m would be a nice range. This might be used to farm materials like in STW. CD would be 10 seconds and Energy Cost would be 30

    'BASE' - 'Grants structures 12% damage resistance, extends 3 segments form placement' - Short In-Game Description
    This ability will allow players to fortify their structures against damage from conventional weaponry, which will cause players to use their abilities more often than their guns. Instead of segments, the range would be around 5m. CD would be 5 min and Energy Cost would be 100 Energy. The CD and energy cost is to prevent players from constantly using this and forces them to use them at the end game, where their forts might be 'permanent'

    'Phase Shift' - 'Teleports the players 1.75 titles in the current direction moving, after teleportation players will be granted a 30% increase in movement speed for 3 seconds.' - Short In-Game description
    A mobility tool. Use it to engage or escape, whatever you choose. Nothing much to explain here. The teleportation range might be 3-5m. Charge capacity: 3 Charge Regen: 12 seconds Energy Cost: 10

    'War Cry' - 'Grants 25% more damaged to any weapons and a 30% increase in the rate of fire for 3 seconds to yourself and allies around you' - Short In-Game Description
    Yes, I did nerf the stats a little, cause the original stats would be too op for BR. This is essentially your 'Ultimate' ability. This will up your damage output tremendously which could be beneficial in certain fights or weapons. Since it's meant to be a powerful ability it will come with a hefty usage cost. Allies that are within 3m of the player who cast the ability will receive 50% of its benefits CD: 2 min Energy Cost: 80

    This is all I could think of, feel free to suggest more in the comments. This game mode is generally made for fun and maybe the promotion of STW. I don't play BR much, so I don't really have a good knowledge of how most of it's games roll out
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