With a cap of four people it is hard it actually enjoy Fortnite with a lot of people. For example if people wanted to host tournaments of their own, they could only have 4 people to actually play with, or if they want to be able to play with multiple people and play a huge FFA match. Epic if you are reading this you may wonder, "This will destroy our servers.", and actually if you had many people in one playground, meaning they aren't in their own playground, therefore actually saving space for other playgrounds to occur, plus the 60 minute cap still applies.
We should also be given a option to be able to cheat in the items in Playground to reduce the time people spend actually looking for new weapons that have been added. Giving players and actual option to be able to spawn in items, wouldn't considered being cheating, because it is in Playground. We should also be able to edit the chances of the rarities so that way they can make their own Solid Gold mode for example. But also be given an option to be able have an option to enable infinite materials, because going around destroying buildings and trees gets tedese even with an hour.
Another concept that should be added is allowing players to change the speed of the storm, so that way if they wanted a fast pace game, and they were to rotate more often. But if they slow down the storm, then the storm will automatically start moving at the normal rate after the 60 min mark. But then also allowing multiple storm circles in a match to be like a kind of Magical Chairs concept, or it could also be a LTM, but should still be an option in Playground.
But then also be able to increase the Playground time, and you may thinking, "That would cost a lot." First you had 10 million to give away to a Fornite winner. and what they can do is have a subscription for Playground to increase the time up to three hours, so that way if Epic gets money from the subscriptions they can use that to afford more servers to last longer, because then they are able to make more servers so that way it wouldn't conflict with other servers.
I really hope Epic really sees this because I personally think these are amazing and Epic you guys should atleast consider it, and I bet many other people will also agree, if you got it this far thanks for reading it!