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LMT : Redemtion


LMT : Redemtion

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    LMT : Redemtion

    Hey there, we have a brand new fortnite LTM idea for you!
    We have been listening to everyone from the community and came up with this new LTM.

    Limited time mode: Redemption

    In this Limited Time Mode, a few vaulted items will be brought back.
    The items that will be brought back are: Bouncers and Double Pump.
    Based on the reaction of the community and how frequently the mode
    is played these items might be brought back into the real game itself.

    - Items brought back:

    - Double pump

    - Gameplay:

    There will be nothing changed the the gamplay itself, only that the double pump will be back.
    The storm won't change of speed or damaged and all the current items and guns will stay in.

    We, as OG's, had alot of fun using double pump and bouncers and hope we can end the memories
    of double pump and bouncers with a last LTM or in best case scenario be brought back into the game.

    -HopBob and Superbarre
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    I'm looking forward to it!