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Creative mode suggestions and feedback!


Creative mode suggestions and feedback!

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    Creative mode suggestions and feedback!

    (before I start, I had to retype everything I wrote because autosave did not save what I wrote when I refreshed the page. I had done so because the human verification refused to let me post: I somehow typed the code wrong even though I was very right lol.)

    Hello to everyone,

    I am excited to give my feedback on the new creative mode in fortnite. It is fun to create my own maps and play with my friends. I can see how this new mode will play a role in the battle royale section as well. Therefore, here are the bugs I have experienced while playing, and the ideas I've developed for the possible future of fortnite.


    - Glitching of the player while waiting in the creative hub for the golden rift to load.
    - Glitching of the glider when spawned into the island. (I suggest we spawn in front of the creative hub rift on the floor of our island.
    - Glitching of the item spawner. (When starting a game, the items do not spawn sometimes and there has been an instance where items do not spawn while playing with friends but do playing solo.)
    - Failure of my island options to function properly. (When trying to turn an option on, it goes back to off when scrolling away from it where it is not visible.)
    - Failure of game options to work starting a game. (Having put full shields setting, the player must die first before it takes effect on them.)


    - Adding ALL vaulted items into the creative mode arsenal. This includes the vaulted rarity of present items. (Legendary Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Legendary Suppressed Pistol.)
    - Make the island bigger instead of 4 separate islands for bigger builds (too much memory to use in such a small map.)
    - A feature to be able to select an entire connected structure and move it around.
    - A feature to save an entire connected structure as a port-a-structure to be thrown somewhere else. This will help players who are trying to make the same structure in a different position.
    - A new game type called Community Arena where players are able to battle it out in community made maps. This is intended to be a form of 'quick play' of the battle royale mode. Chosen maps by the fortnite team can change every day or week.
    - A new game type for racing where players race on community made maps with vehicles.

    I can continue with more suggestions and ideas but usually, they wouldn't work and it is up to the fortnite team to make these ideas happen. We would like to see the bugs patched and maybe ideas come true!
    Thank you to all who have read.

    Epic please fix your game for creative mode