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Feel no desire playing without Rumble mode


Feel no desire playing without Rumble mode

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    Feel no desire playing without Rumble mode

    I was griding Battle Royale mode pretty much happily, completing all battle pass quests and having much fun overall.

    Today you updated the game, and gamemode is gone. Everything again takes time to load, join, start and pretty much die on one point and that's it.

    No continues no lasting pleasure of gameplay.

    Maybe someone feel the same? I think Rumble should be permanent. I'm so tired of this Battle Royale mode with so much time spending in it and it just have weird feeling.

    I have feeling that Rumble mode is just right. For some information, I'm that player who spent some v-bucks on my stuff and etc etc, but man, this other modes... I just started the game, tried, and closed it.

    I really hope for big changes and for permanent ones.

    For same reason i bought vbucks for my 8 years old son. He was enjoying Team Rumble alot also grinding exp and doing challenges. Now Team Rumble is gone, he is probably going to stop playing fortnite! He hates to go in a game get a headshot within 5 minutes and go back to endless waiting lines in the lobby loading screen and bus. Overall for him is this summary of fortnite without Team Rumble:
    - no more buying battle pass he gave up on grinding exp and challenges
    - 3 minutes waiting loading etc, landing on roof within 1 second got killed. What is the fun with this?
    - he is going to stop playing and also this way i think he is wasting his time with loading screens instead of gameplay.

    My personal view is Epic is aimimg for hardcore gamers, streamers pro gamers etc. But this way they narrow down their player diversity, which in the end means the pro gamers will always look for new challenges and when they also go away fortnite will lose alot of players. Atleast by compensating with more DIVERSITY AND APPEALING for also NOT PRO GAMERS AND CHILDREN will keep the numbers high.

    Bring Team Rumble back or give beginners and children more options to play similar to Team Rumble, now they have 0 options because all the fun is gone.


      +1 for bringing Team Rumble back and making it permanent. I stopped playing Fortnite before Team Rumble arrived, too many "Pro" players. Respawn is great for casual players.