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As a newcomer to Fortnite, I already miss Team Rumble. Any chance for permanence?


As a newcomer to Fortnite, I already miss Team Rumble. Any chance for permanence?

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    As a newcomer to Fortnite, I already miss Team Rumble. Any chance for permanence?

    Greetings viewers (and any developers who may potentially see this)

    As a newcomer to Fortnite as of a couple of weeks ago, I have found myself enjoying this game quite a lot recently but was disappointed when as of this afternoon I logged in to discover that the 20 vs 20 Elimination mode (Team Rumble I believe it was called) had been removed. Whilst I recognise this is likely one of many rotational game-modes for Fortnite I couldn't help but feel bummed out by it, given that I had been playing Elimination mode almost continuously since I started, in order to better familiarise myself with the mechanics of the game, as well as try out and get used to the selection of weapons at my disposal and also the building mechanics (I am nowhere near to being able to defend myself from incoming fire and offensive enemy pushes). Understandably I realise that as a rotational game-mode it was likely removed in order to make way for the new and currently playable game-modes, as well as to keep things "fresh and entertaining" but regrettably, I do not feel much inclination to play them as of this current point of time.

    Given how new I am to the game I am still learning my ways around weapon mechanics (recoil, shot leading for snipers, etc) or seamlessly building defences and I don't feel comfortable jumping straight into one of the core game-modes, knowing that I'm likely going to be annihilated the moment I touch-down on the ground. For me, its not a very enticing prospect given the large skill difference I have against many players at the moment, who are easily able to utilise the building mechanics both offensively & defensively in game and given the daunting prospect of "1 life and your out" I'm just not ready to jump straight into the core experience. Not fully at least.

    Reflecting on this did get me thinking however: Why would this mode - a great introduction to this game for myself and more likely than not, others as well - not have a permanent place on the game-modes screen? Surely a mode such as Team Rumble could successfully function as an introduction for both newcomers AND returning players who are willing to try the game out?

    In my opinion it makes logical sense. If the purpose of Fortnite is to grow and expand then why wouldn't the developers consider making this happen? Making such a move would more than likely have a positive effect on the games growth cycle and attract new players both short term and long term to the game, and it would serve not necessarily as a replacement for the core experience of the "Battle Royal" theme but instead as more of a GATEWAY into the core-modes. As I stated before, having this game-mode and other variations of the mode available permanently would help new players get comfortable playing the game itself before dropping into the core experience that Fortnite Battle Royal has to offer. It's a perfect win-win scenario:

    Both new & returning players get the opportunity to play the game at a pace that they enjoy and are satisfied with. This in turn allows them to adjust and familiarise themselves to the style and flow of the game (without the risk of a short life span and a continued cycle of returning to and from the main menu over and over again in their first few hours) as a means to effectively get acquainted with Fortnite as an introduction experience to the game and also to serve as an additional outlet for those who maybe aren't feeling the desire to play the core experience at certain times. However, they retain the knowledge that once they are comfortable with the game they can then try out the initial modes for the first time without the fear of being locked to playing only those modes going forward, knowing that they can withdraw at any point and play more of the Team Rumble mode should they need to practice more or unwind.


    Epic Games gets the benefit of making the game more compelling and enticing not just for its new and existing players but more importantly FUTURE players to come and play the game which will likely attract more positive attention for the game. More positive attention for the game means more players. More players means more money. More money means Epic Games can do more with Fortnite as a whole, which in turn keeps us (the player base) entertained and coming back for more.

    Again however, I want to stress this very clearly. This would not act as a replacement mode for the main purpose of the Battle Royal mode. In truth, it would likely serve as a welcome addition. If necessary, Epic Games could add incentives to the main modes such as a passive (albeit small) EXP boost to help nudge reluctant players towards the main modes of Solos, Duos and Squads, just to counteract this in the event it was ever to become an issue.

    There are many pros to this post and likely some may recognise some cons as well. To me, that's not an issue for me, I'm simply speaking my mind and trying to get my own opinion out there. That being said, I find it unlikely that I'm the only person out of hundreds of millions playing this game (as far as claims go apparently) who has had a similar idea - if not the exact same idea that I've presented - here on these forums. I also want to mention that this is my very first posting here so if there is already an existing thread that I missed beforehand or that I may have potentially posted this in the wrong subject area my sincerest apologies. If I need to repost this to a more appropriate place within these forums can someone please let me know, be it a moderator, developer or just a regular forum browser.

    To anyone who may read this, thank you for your time. I hope this made a worthy read.

    I totally agree. My son 8 years old just bought battle pass because he liked Team Rumble alot. Very good exp grinding and most of all he doesnt stand a chance for 5 minutes with solo, duo or squad. As he enters the game he got killed instantly all the time. This is really frustrating for him. Thats why he liked team rumble so much, you get respawned immediately.
    The new team 33 lmt sux big time. He got killed after 5 minutes and to get exp points he has to sit and wait untill the match ends, that all for 30 exp, if he stays longer alive maybe 300 exp. I team rumble he was getting every match 700 exp.

    Make Team Rumble permanent or bring lmt modes similar to Team Rumble with ability for respawning.
    With this new LMT when u die and can not respawn, waiting for the match to end is really really frustrating.


      What this guy said


        +1 for bringing Team Rumble back and making it permanent.
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          Team Rumble! Please Epic!