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Ultimate Edition weapons - Obsidian to Shadowshard - In details


Ultimate Edition weapons - Obsidian to Shadowshard - In details

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    Ultimate Edition weapons - Obsidian to Shadowshard - In details

    Hello Fortnite Community ,

    The issue I want to speak on today is the ability to change at least 3 Ultimate Edition weapons once to Shadowshard or Obsidian if you were the group of people who leveled up by just pressing evolved prior to the recent two times you pressed evolved or to new buyers also .People who made this mistake were not notified the same way you can be notified from a recent patch that launched from that I know many people have made this mistake . Now when you choose your path a window comes up telling you if you are sure of your choice. Being these weapons are only obtainable from the Ultimate Edition I believe we should have a chance to change their crafting path. I have had my Nocturno (Ultimate Edition assault rifle) changed to Shadowshard through epic games support , I have now evolved my Founder's Quickshot (Ultimate Edition pistol) to Shadowshard . The value I see in these weapons is the double critical damage that can be applied to these weapons perks as many weapons do not have this even though you still have the Wraith (assault rifle) or Last Word (pistol) that both can obtain double critical damage . I have a issue with my Masamune (Ultimate Edition sword) which I also made the mistake with choosing Obsidian since also to my knowledge it is the only sword in the game with the perks to equip double critical damage . It is hard to keep up with max level husks especially 4x player recommended missions so it becomes forceful to stay to ranged weapons during these missions for me . I also want the extra boost in damage because the sword is fire so 25 % damage is done to water , 65% is done to both physical and fire elemental husks , I want to do as much damage as possible with this sword as it is the only sword I like to use ..
    . I have many weapons that are obsidian because I just pressed evolved and was not aware but those are replaceable because they are obtainable in game so I can easily get multiple schematics of that weapon. Also Epic games support has said this was only a one time thing that is why I am here , their system allows for only one at the moment for I believe any weapon in the game .

    Key points for this change is :

    - We pay 160+ dollars towards Ultimate edition it should include 3 exclusive refundable paths for any ultimate pass weapon since 3 refund requests are given in battle royale , why not STW be given a refundable system in a certain path mistakenly made ?
    - Many went through this issue
    - It stays to Ultimate pass weapons only
    - Gives people who own the Ultimate pass a second chance for the choice they desire to stick to
    - Weapons schematics that are permanent to the game that are not in the item shop or Ultimate Edition are easily replaceable , Ultimate Edition weapons are not

    Also their should be a description on the path of Obsidian and Shadowshard showing their differences and the focus towards each path . This will definitely help new players understand what they are getting into . This eventually will become a issue to many new people coming to STW when it becomes free especially when having no guidance on the game from another player for example . Eventually some might go for obsidian for durability and not having to farm as often or shadowshard which does a bit more damage but at the cost of the weapon breaking faster . That is all I have at the top of my head right now but please leave any other comments down below on either if you do or do not support this topic with details please . Thank you for listening Fortnite Community !
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