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Trading system + Way to prevent scamming once for all


Trading system + Way to prevent scamming once for all

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    Trading system + Way to prevent scamming once for all

    TL;DR: The idea is to add a trading system, giving us the hability to trade skins (battle pass or not) from our lockers with our long-dated friends only in exchange for a few v-bucks from the asker (950 vbucks?) only twice a life-time to prevent scams and gambling websites (bots can't trade if you have to pay v-bucks).

    So, like stated in the title and in the TL;DR sentence, the idea is to add a Trading system. The trading system will make you able to exchange with your friends and family skins you have in your locker, battlepass items included. Why so? Because battlepass items are the most valuable ones and this is why so many people are getting their account stolen (no one wants shop items, everyone can get them once in a while).

    The problem is, people are thinking that this system will ruin skin rarity or make Epic loose money. Well first, lemme respond for the "skin rarity" part:
    -No one cares who's an OG or not. No one can view your inventory like on steam and no one looks at your username above your skin while you're doing that "OG" dance. This is the harsh reality. No one cares. If it makes you feel good about being "special", remember that the game will die in a year or two so it will make no difference, you're just being selfish.

    -Skins don't have rarities, only a price. Unless you're talking about battle pass skins, that, I can understand, but this is because they are locked to your account that this is the reason why people steal other people's accounts. No locked skins = No people to buy stolen stuff

    -"skins are not everything". Yes, but some would like to enjoy the game with appearences they want. Again, don't be selfish. If there's a trading system, you'll loose nothing, because you're free not to use it, just like bad game modes.

    But the trading system is simple to understand, what makes my suggestion special are the following ideas to prevent scamming and help Epic making the profit they want. Trading will bring a new fanbase and will surely keep the game alive way longer (=profits).

    IDEA #1: Taxes
    The idea is to pay a tax or a "wrapping" everytime you ask for a trade. Player A asks for player B for a trade, but player A has to put 950 v-bucks in order to complete the trade, otherwise it will not work. This might sound stupid, but it will prevent BOTH the rise of scams AND gambling websites: bots will not be able to trade since the game asks for 950 vbucks first!
    This will also give epic double or triple the benefits a simple restriction of battlepass skins would give. People didn't pay for the season 1 battlepass but want a specific emote from it? No worries, he will pay those 950 vbucks anyway for the trade. Paying 950 vbucks for the whole season will be appealing nonetheless... because 100 emotes, loading screens, skins and stickers are always more appealing than a trade for one or two emotes only.

    IDEA #2: Friend restrictions
    You will be able to trade only with people you've been friend with for over a month. This will discourage a lot of scammers, unaware players and will also prevent the trading from bots if gambling websites rise anyway.

    IDEA #3: Only two trades in a lifetime
    You'll be able to trade only twice or thrice in a life-time, just like you can refund only three shop items in your life-time. This will prevent bots, scammers, and unaware trades. People will have to think a lot about which items they want to trade... since it's not infinite. This will also force players to buy battlepasses or shop items in the future.

    IDEA #4: You can only trade each item class once.
    Exemple: You can trade one skin, one pickaxe, one glider, one emote and one weapon skin only. Not two skins, not two emotes... if you want two skins you'll have to do two trades.

    I really don't know if this forum is active, if Epic reads the forums once in a while but I really hope this reaches out to them and consider my ideas. It will help both the playerbase, bring new people and help epic a LOT. All I want is a single skin from the season 5 I was never able to get... and this really annoys me. I just want a way to get it.
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    Enable two-factor authentication and don't attempt to buy or trade an account. That'll keep you from getting scammed.


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      You are right. What if my favorite skin comes out once a year? or what if my favorite skin is a battle-pass item? I love the black knight

    I was talking about preventing scam while doing trades using a possible trading system, not doing things that violate the TOS.