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New Ideas & Concepts for Upcoming Seasons in Battle Royale


New Ideas & Concepts for Upcoming Seasons in Battle Royale

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    New Ideas & Concepts for Upcoming Seasons in Battle Royale

    Let me start out by saying, if you approve of any of these ideas, show this thread some love so it can be reconized by Epic Games please. I do not want nor need credit for any of these. These were just brain storming ideas between a few friends of mine who play this game exclusively nowadays and felt like sharing. Any feedback or further commentary, both positive and negative would help alot and maybe fuel some more ideas between all of us. Thank you.

    Battle Royale:

    Side Note: Now that skins for weapons are now in game, ALOT more options for those please. Camos, colors, many possibilities.

    *Claymores (or any type of anti personal mines)
    *An automatic pistol
    *Anti-Aircraft Lock-On Launcher
    *A series of melee weapons. Preferably medieval age. Swords, Axes, Clubs, Morningstars, etc

    *A 4-wheeled armored carrier vehicle that carries 4-8. 2 up front, varible in the back. Only windows are the driver and passenger. Back is solid (to prevent alot of firepower, more for getting teams from A to B better.)
    *Tanks? Make them slow, but damaging?
    *Air Ballons (make them look like airdrops maybe, but for transport purposes.

    *Sticky Trap. Slows anyone who walks into it
    *Pitfall Traps. Must be placed on a floor where theres solid earth below. (I.e not in attics or floors that have room below.)

    Season Theme Ideas:
    *The Ocean surrounding the Island over flows and floods the map, introduce boats and other aquatic equipment (harpoons, floating sea mines, etc)
    *Wasteland/Apocalypse: Whole map gets blown up, craters, new cube monsters, named locations gone/in ruins. (Also leaves room for new map locations for season after?)
    *Rock and Roll Theme
    *Medieval Theme
    *8 Bit Cube Style Gaming Theme (Think like the movie Pixels)

    Game Modes:
    *Siege: Two Teams, 50v50, map split in two. No Respawn, Redeploying is available. A wall divides them for a set time (like Food Fight). One team has to fortify and defend a location (the circle), Typically set over a named location. The other team has the set time before the wall drops to loot their side of the map. After the set time, the wall drops and the storm encloses. The attacking team has until the storm encloses to attack (Siege) the defending team. Last team standing wins.
    *Boss Raid: 50v50. Map open, Respawn and Redeploy allowed. A gargantuan Cube Monster and his minions, have threatened the island. The circle is where they are located. (They can't exit the circle). Two teams battle this Cube Army trying to do more damage to the Boss (gargantuan) for the Victory Royale, while also fighting each other.
    *Momentum: Squads, map open, no respawn or redeploy. There is no healing or armor in game, all has to be earned by killing. Each kill grants your squad full hp and armor. Keep the killing momentum going and earn that Victory Royale.

    I like those ideas. Especially the boss raids