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Allow Music Demos for New Emotes


Allow Music Demos for New Emotes

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    Allow Music Demos for New Emotes

    Allow music demos to be submitted for new emotes!

    I’m a professional music producer - and I know there are many others like me out there who also play fortnite!

    Recently, I’ve been unimpressed with the quality of the music that you guys are choosing to use in your emotes. It’s one thing to have a great dance, but you need even better music to make that dance pop. A lot of the song production in the dances you include are poorly mixed or poorly arranged.

    I recommend hosting contests or allowing a demo submission portal for artists to submit their music. Royalties should be similar to your “Fortnite Creator’s” program - where every X amount of V Bucks spent on your emote will pay you # amount of dollars.

    This would really be a great thing for musicians and producers, and it would result in an improvement of the music quality and groove of your emotes.

    I know I'm late to reply but I've been saying this for a long time. I'm also a Producer and I personally enjoy making custom music to dances that have already been choreographed etc.
    I also agree that 80% of the time that I actually dig an emote, I still end up deciding to not purchase it because the music is bland, or doesn't make sense given the type of emote it's with.
    I have hundreds of instrumentals I've produced that would go perfectly with new emotes being released.