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A Few Suggestions, (Damage, Building, Transportation and Map )


A Few Suggestions, (Damage, Building, Transportation and Map )

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    A Few Suggestions, (Damage, Building, Transportation and Map )

    Epic recently has been focusing on some very useless parts of the game (in which I have seen,) and have been adding some stupid, useless, and unfair stuff to the game and barely doing anything about it.
    I have split everything into sections to make everything easier to find.


    I'll start out with transportation,
    back in season four when the hype was up for shopping carts, no one had to worry about it being completely useless or

    Now we have planes, though they have been nerfed, they are extremely unfair.
    Here are a few of my suggestions for the planes;
    - Remove them overall, and don't turn back.
    That's my main suggestion; mainly because they are extremely over-used and annoying.
    I have a few more suggestions for them,
    - Remove the guns on them,
    they always seem to laser you and remove all your shield, and then you don't stand a chance against the person who was flying it.

    -Make them repellent to some bullets, but not all.
    since they have extremely low health now, someone can just take out a Compact SMG and laser your plane and it'll be gone really soon.
    Possibly make it invincible just too small bullets to make it somewhat more realistic.

    -Make it impossible to just fly into a building or into the ground,
    I don't think I've ever seen a plane fly through a building and come back out pretty much completely unharmed. If a plane were to fly full force into a building or the ground it blows up.

    -Make their spawn chance 25 or 50 percent. They spawn way too often.

    That's about it for the planes, I don't have much reason to complain about them anymore now that they have been nerfed slightly, but there still is a lot of work to do on them to make it fair in game.

    Quad Crashers:
    -Fix their glitches/bugs.
    Jumping off a quad crasher averagely just kills you from fall damage.
    pushing "w" while and the air will averagely allow you to get more height,

    etc, etc you know what I'm talking about.

    About the new coming vehicle that people are saying that will be added;

    Please don't. There is already enough vehicles, and this idea is just stupid overall. Even though it does seem like it would do much to help you, it is just going to make the game even more unfun as more and more people will just ride the new vehicles around and ruin it for you.


    There is not much to complain about the weapons, except for a few of them.

    I'll start out with the
    Rocket Launcher:
    Way too many people are coming across these now and only using these for close range combat. Does that make sense?
    close range combat with a rocket launcher?

    -Remove them entirely,

    -Buff them, at least to where people cannot use them for close range anymore.

    Hand Cannons:
    Way too OP overall, you should already know about this one Epic, it's a pistol, it is a good pistol, but Not that good.

    Averagely you'd be walking your way to the circle, next thing you know you get tagged by someone for 75, that's like 200 meters away with a hand cannon.

    I don't think they should be removed, just nerf them.

    There is nothing to complain about here except for the fact that people don't have to hit their shots to kill you. The bullet could fly right past you, but still, end up killing you
    As seen here;
    Whatever feature that is, please remove it.

    Not sure if I missed out on a weapon here to talk about, but that's all I have problems with.

    This is a valuable feature in the game but its insanely broken.

    Terrain effects building so much, one thing I'm going to talk about is something that mainly happens at dusty divot/diner. Your builds would place under the ground except above ground. Try it out you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Builds being placed in the ground is so annoying and doesn't just happen at dusty divot, often when you get shot at you try to place a build (anywhere) and it'll place in the ground.

    you'll notice this rarely but it happens often in some occasions, when panic building, or spam building, or often when even normally building. You can place it 3 Blocks away from you. Which is very odd, I'd expect you to only place something one block in front of you. This can mess you up in many ways, or just be a simple waste of materials.

    The building can be really unfair in many occasions, most people know how to build insane, as in quad ramps, and so on, and other people can barely build a double ramp.
    nerfing it slightly would be awesome, but please don't ruin it.

    The map is awesome and I love it, but I have a few suggestions for it.

    -Increase the size of the map.

    -Bring back the old tomato town, slightly revamped?
    -Bring back the Prison/Moisty Mire,
    That was one of my favorite places to land and to just have it replaced with something that could've been placed somewhere else disappoints me.
    -Bring back old loot lake,
    Loot lakes definition is just pointless now.

    -make more places like tilted towers,
    I understand you already tried doing that, seeing loot lake, and dusty depot, but instead of ruining some of the coolest places just add in places like you did with paradise palms.

    -Keep Happy Hamlet, and Frosty flights, but after season 7 slightly remove the snowy biome.
    I don't want like 1/4 of the map (and I'm almost positive a lot of other people wouldn't either) to be only snow.

    A few other stupid stuff I've come up with,

    -Make a Ray (Pet) Back bling for another founder pack thing!
    -Remove BoomBoxes.

    Most of this stuff is just my opinion, it is not meant to be taken seriously.

    Make Fortnite good again, please.

    (Edit:) ADDED :

    Allow us to drive the vehicles already placed around the map, have some already broken down, or out of gas to decrease the chance of being able to use it. Make gas cans like a legendary/rare item that can drop and you can use on vehicles.

    Instead of just allowing us to walk through the rivers placed on the map, give them some depth and allow them to slow us down, maybe decrease our accuracy a little bit.

    (Epic pls read ;~;)
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    If I missed anything and you have suggestions too, feel free to put them down here.

    Same with your own opinions, I'm happy to hear them.


      They would never remove traps. No matter how annoying they can be, they're essential to the strategy of the game...


        Pacecca, I understand that, but they're not essential. Nor' Strategic, either way, just one of my suggestions.


          Traps are amazing? And very strategic and important mid fight if you know how to use them They can stop people from w keying into your box. Its not about random placement and hopes for kills they actually are very strategic and most good players use them in very strategic ways.


            i just wanna strengthen one of your suggestions. REMOVE BOMBOX