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Re-Deploy idea is the almost the worst.


Re-Deploy idea is the almost the worst.

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    Re-Deploy idea is the almost the worst.

    Fortnite keeps "evolving". Little did they know the evolution ends their own grave which is pretty near I'd say. Like I previously posted about the boombox, I stopped playing the default BR modes as they're annoying with all these **** items. Me and a lot of people got more and more frustrated with the game when these items got released, Shotgun Nerf, Drum gun, Quad launcher, Turret, Stormwing, Boombox, in that order. I decided fortnite is hopeless and its a waste to invest any more time in playing the default BR modes and to try to improve. So me and my friends were just playing the LTMs like Team rumble, food fight for like couple hours a day. Until this update where Epic decided to ruin these modes too.

    - Who in their right mind could possibly think removing glider redeploy and giving it as an item in these 50v50 modes was a good idea? Why would you think wasting an item slot with gliders was a good idea? You guys are clueless aren't you?

    For the default BR modes, I'm not going back to it anytime soon. Minigun nerf is really good, The sniper changes are bad, helping noobs again to get kills from 200m away. You're basically saying f you pros for practicing your snipes the whole year, we're gonna nerf it and make your skill useless. Redeploy with 10 charges? I thought they'd be like 2 charges and they'll be very rare to find and even then it'll be OP coz there're already quads, rifts and planes to third party people. And there they are, the first thing I find when I enter a building with 10 charges. Just when I thought 'Hey atleast they listened to us about removing redeploy', Bam! There's another bad idea again. Redeploy as an item(ruining a slot in 50v50 modes) and with 10 charges which is more than enough to last a whole BR match. This is the almost the worst idea coz the first worst idea was the when you full time implemented the redeploy in the game.

    Now the couple hours of team rumble and food fight with my buds is gonna turn into an hour of creative and then switching to another game.
    For the idiots out there saying quit the game if you don't like it, the reason why we still stick to the game is because we fell in love with it during early seasons and invested A LOT of time in the game in the past year. So we hope that one day it'll be that interesting again, but the way things are going, that day might never come unless they fire whoever is making these creative decisions and hire someone who can actually play the game and understand the gameplay.

    On the final days of Season 6 i was happy and I thought to myself that the game is in a stable state now, they fixed all their bad decisions and the game is actually playable and bought season 7 battlepass as soon as it came out and little did I know. They somehow managed to ruin the game.

    -- If I had to give an advice, stop the friggin updates. You give something new every week even if it ruins the game. Stick to releasing new items every three weeks or a month so that when you eventually release an item it actually means something rather than these pointless scoped revolvers and boom boxes no one asked for. The noobs don't give a **** if you don't release something new every week. Fortnite has a huge playerbase right now and I think it's time to stop trying to get new players and start to satisfy the existing players. You might profit from the newbies and the casual players but they don't matter and they're gonna keep playing no matter what, but when the ones that matter start to get frustrated with the game, that's when you know your game is going downhill.

    dude the fortnite devs are braindead