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Suggest a change to the Rocket Launcher.


Suggest a change to the Rocket Launcher.

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  • Suggest a change to the Rocket Launcher.

    I believe the rocket launcher needs a rework, make it do lots of splash damage on buildings, but reduce its core damage on players.
    Too many people are using it as a 'no skill' finisher, just aim roughly at the floor and keep firing. There is no gun in the game that require such a low skill ceiling.
    Can you please either limit the amount of rockets it has so people actually save it for buildings, or reduce its damage versus players to around 50 damage to stop this god awful tactic.
    Currently it is breaking the final fights to nothing more than rocket spams, It is even worst in the hands of a smart player who will use walls to close on you so either you empty your clip into the walls to try and kill them or let them close and one shot you with a rocket.

    Thank you for reading.

    Quick edit: It is more an issue towards the end of the game when you really cant avoid the last person and they have 15+ rockets which they just spam at you. You either go defensive with walls and lose the upper hand or you die because the storm stops you from running to avoid the rockets.
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    Thanks for the suggestion and taking the time to let us know your thoughts. I'm moving this to the correct forum -- Suggestions and Advice.

    Weapon balance is always important and the playstyles associated with those weapons are equally important. No word on changes that we'll make to Rockets specifically. We look at a lot of feedback + stat charts that show weapon success/breakdowns. If a change will have a big upside to the game we're always open to making the change.


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      i agree. rocket launcher is annoying. ppl only need to aim on the ground

      if u got one at the end, u pretty much alrdy won ...


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        They did nerf missile quantity and reduce the rocket launcher's reload speed.. but it wasn't enough. They're extremely strong and they should be... but there's no counter. You don't have time to lay in those shots because the shooter is so mobil. On top of that as you say, a smart player won't give you a chance to shoot at him while reloading. You have really no choice but to either clock their position and see if you can fortify their target area, or cut losses and bail. Most people have 15+ missiles by end-game.

        Not really sure of a fix but.. I don't think reducing its overall damage to players (especially to 50) would work. I think the idea of constructs soaking damage and having a splash effect on a player's health would be better or reducing missile ammo further.
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          I think it's ok as is, but the amount of ammo needs to be reduced. Seems to be the biggest issue. I spectated a guy and saw him shoot at least 10+ rockets during the end of the match. I think an ammo cap is an easy solution, then the player has to venture out to either get more or use alternative weapons.