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Basic Launcher Troubleshooting

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Basic Launcher Troubleshooting

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    [OFFICIAL] Basic Launcher Troubleshooting

    Make sure to check our Launcher Support Knowledge Base at to see if your issue has already been documented.

    As a general rule, we also suggest the following general troubleshooting steps:
    • Try cleanly reinstalling your GPU Drivers. To perform a clean GPU driver installation:
      • Locate and download the latest drivers for your GPU.
      • For AMD GPUs go here:
      • For NVIDIA GPUs go here: -Uninstall your current GPU drivers through Add/Remove Programs.
      • Reboot your system.
      • Locate and run the downloaded installation package for your GPU. Please perform a minimal/custom installation and install the GPU drivers only.
      • Reboot your system.

    Some users find that software utilities such as "DDU": helpful to clean out all of the remnants of an old driver installation. However, this is generally not required.
    • Try our network troubleshooting steps to make sure there's not a problem with your connection:
    Many issues with Epic Games products can be caused by network connectivity problems. If you suspect that you may have a connectivity issue, please try all of the following steps:
    • Make sure you are using a Broadband internet connection.
      • Between 2010 and 2015, the FCC defined a Broadband connection as 4 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload.
      • After 2015, the FCC defined a Broadband connection as 25 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload.
    • Make sure you are not behind a proxy and do not have filtered.
      • If you are behind a proxy, add an exception for (or ask your IT department to do so).
    • Ensure that ports 80, 443 (https), and 5222 are unblocked.
      • Navigate to Control Panel> System and Security> Windows Firewall.
      • Click Advanced Settings.
      • On the left, select Inbound Rules.
      • On the right, select New Rule...
      • Select Port, then click Next.
      • In the text box beside Specific local ports, enter 5222, 443, 80, then click Next three more times.
      • In the Name box, enter UE4, then click Finish.
    • Try switching your DNS Server (OpenDNS or GoogleDNS)
    • Try rebooting your router and modem.
    • Try temporarily disabling your firewall and antivirus software, as some security software causes conflicts with our products.
    • Make sure that your OS is fully up to date and that your computer meets the launcher's minimum specifications:
    Please be aware that these requirements are for the launcher only. System requirements may vary for other products, and additional HDD space may be needed to download marketplace content or other products.

    PC Minimum system requirements:

    OS: Windows 7 and up
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 2x2
    RAM: 2GB
    GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 7800 (512mb)/AMD Radeon HD 4600 (512MB)/Intel HD 4000
    DirectX 9.0c
    1.5GB HDD space

    PC Recommended system specifications:

    CPU: Intel i5 / AMD A4
    RAM: 4GB
    GPU: NVIDIA GT 540 1GB / AMD 5550 1GB
    DirectX 11
    1.5GB HDD space
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