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Failed to link account. Already associated with a different account


Failed to link account. Already associated with a different account

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    Failed to link account. Already associated with a different account

    Hi all, my son has been using my own PSN account linked to an Epic Games account. He now has his own PSN account, and I want to link the existing Epic Games account to his new PSN account so that he can play Fortnite via his own user on the PS4 (which in turn is linked to his new PSN account - so many accounts!!) However, on signing into Epic Games via his new user/PSN, I get the error message "Failed to link account. Already associated with a different account".

    it looks like I will first have to unlink the existing Epic Games account from my PSN account, and I'm unsure of the side effects of that... a bit of googling suggests that he might lose all of his purchases and the status of his character etc. But, isn't all that stuff stored on the Epic Games account, and not the PSN account? And so, if I unlink from my PSN and re-link to his new PSN account, then when he logs back in to Fortnite under his new PSN account (but the same old Epic Games account), will all his skins and XP etc. still be there?

    I had a similar issue; my son's Xbox account was associated with my Epic account; different e-mail addresses. He got FortNite for the switch and I thought I would create his own Epic account, unlink his xbox from my account and then both his Xbox and Switch would be with his own Epic account. Yea, didn't work out that way. He lost everything (status, purchases, skins, etc.) when I did the unlink.

    Everything I've read, Epic says to simply re-link the Xbox account with the original Epic account and everything will be restored. Now I'm getting a "account is already linked to another account" error now and a very upset child; as well as upset parents because of the amount of money (christmas and birthday) spent on in-game purchases which appear as though they're gone.

    Good luck contacting Epic support too; only e-mail support and from what I've read, three to five business days until you get a response, if you get a response. There isn't any phone support neither. I e-mailed them Wednesday night and as of today, haven't gotten any response at all.

    I would keep the configuration as it is for now and hopefully sometime in the future, Epic will actually fix this so that you're able to easily move linked account from one Epic account to another. Right now, not so much.

    As soon as I hear from Epic support, I'll let you know.


    • BrightBomber26 commented
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      Unlink Xbox from current epic account then delink to old account

    • CerebralFan8 commented
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      I am pretty sure you've gotten your skins back but if you haven't this is what you do when your trying to link it back make sure you go on Microsoft or Playstation and log out on a different tab then go back to your original tab is to link your account it will then say it is going g to log you in which is fine e you do that it will allow you to sign in that same problem was happening to me but for my other account that same problem happen again turns out epic made a ghost email account that is linked to the account and I can't do any thing about it

    Hmmm OK, doesn't bode well. It does sound like what you tried to do was different - you tried to link a new Epic account to an existing Xbox account, whereas I'm trying to link an existing Epic account to a new PSN account. I can understand why all the status within Fortnite was lost, as you were using a new Epic account and ( as far as I'm aware) that is where status and skins etc are stored. However, the fact that you couldn't put it back the way it was makes me nervous. I'm worried that when I unlink and then link the old Epic account to the new PSN, I'll get a similar error and be stuck...

    I guess I need to see if I can get some assurance either from Epic or from someone else on this forum...

    Thanks in advance for any updates you can give me!



      I'm facing the same issue. Have you found a solution?


        How to delete my account from the other ps4 account


        • Z_t0pp commented
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          Same bro dam

        Today morning my little brother turns on the ps4 and suddenly both of our accounts are signed out of psn. So I put the correct e-mail and password for my account and it says cannot use another player's sign in id. Then I create a new account to log into my fortnite account from a different user. After I have inserted my sign in id and password it says failed to link account. Already associated with a different account. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!


        • Vmarlo2xx commented
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          Same thing here it’s a bunch of ********

        • xd KLCF commented
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          ****ing epic fix my situation, I accidentally connected my epic account on my friend's psn and now I bought own ps4, and I want to play Fortnite on my own device.

        I also have the same problem i have an account and i dont want to loose my stuff im on Nintendo pls help


        • Koi_the_fish9 commented
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          Im having the exact same problem

        I have an Xbox account and want to make an epic games account and link it to the Xbox account. I do not know how to though. Please helpppp!!!!!!


          @purestgreen1 (Had the same issue and this solved it for me)
          If you've created a new ps4 account, and can't log in with your epic games account because it's linked to another ps4 account already.. do this:

          1) Go to ""
          2) Log in (with your account you're trying to connect to your new ps4 account)
          3) On the top right corner of your screen, hover over your username; a drop-down menu should appear, click on "ACCOUNT"
          4) It will then show you your personal info page.. on the left side navigate to "CONNECTED ACCOUNTS"
          6) Now on your PS4 just back into your preferred account for fortnite with your epic games account.
          Should work.. Hope that helps :)



          • fintothewin commented
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            I’m scared because it says my account will get reset and stuff

          • Briana_161 commented
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            It doesn’t work for me it still says the error

          • InkSpIatter commented
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            Yeah that allows you to disconnect but Epic won't let you log in with a different account. You must use the old account which is what everyone is trying to prevent. Log in on someone else's device or under another user and you can NEVER go back. Epic only gives you one shot at signing in. My son accidently logged in to Epic while PS4 was on my user. Now disconnected and try to log in on PS4 under his user and it won't let him because the Epic account is already associated with my PS4 user account. DONE DEAL. No changing it because Epic won't let you.

          Oh also you might loose all your stats and everything, I'm not too sure XD read the stuff it says when you click disconnect lol


            So my mom deleted my Xbox account and logged in fortnite but it is same error


            • blackdiamond0226 commented
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              I don't know if you did this already, but once you unlink or delete the xbox account from your Epic Games account settings you need to exit the the game in xbox completely and reload it to try signing in again. At least that worked for me.

            Everything everyone is saying is correct. No phone support, delayed response on email. Everything that I read says when you log into Fortnite for the first time if you don't choose to create an account it assigns a "headless" account to track your progress. The tutorials say you have to create a different account and it will work but I still keep getting the same error on account associated with a different email. If anyone finds out please let us know. I'm trying to link a Nintendo Switch to Xbox and Epic.


              What do i do when it says Failed to link account. Alredy associated whit a different account and i have only one accaunt on my ps4 (my sister deleted my other accaunt) so what can i do??


                Hello guys.

                This morning my son had the same problem on his ps4.
                I have mailed but that takes some time so i whas trying everything to let him play again because a crying kid is never fun.

                The solution to get his account back on fortnite whas as follow:
                When i looked up what account was linked on my mail is whas a strange one i didnt know,so i disconected the psn account with te name that whas conected at that time so everything whas empty.
                After that you hoover on your epic games account and the choose link psn acc and follow that steps,when that whas donbe the name of the player u are is showing on the conected account by psn, next step whas to logging on the psn and all whas back to normal so maybe its working for u guys also so i hope it do.....

                Good luck and see u on the field


                  Originally posted by Gamer_Leo View Post
                  What do i do when it says Failed to link account. Alredy associated whit a different account and i have only one accaunt on my ps4 (my sister deleted my other accaunt) so what can i do??
                  Best Gamer Leo....

                  Just logging to your epic games account and ther go to account it self.
                  Then in the next menu of tab go to the tap connetcted account and you see that your account is conected with another name or something else.
                  From that step u have to unlink that account and selecgt every option to do so and then it says that not 1 account is conected like psn twitch or what else.
                  After that go to your name in the upper right cornewr and hoover on your name and you see a menu and there u selct link psn i thought and just follow the rest.

                  After that you wil see by conected accounts that the psn link is conected with your player name( I hope)
                  When it does just logging to the game on your ps4 and just play and then i should works fine