Player of the Week - Fumiko

Yazar: Flak

This week we, chat with Fumiko, a Fortnite Veteran who has been slaying Husks since OT5. We asked Fortnite Executive Producer, Zak Phelps why he thought Fumiko would be a good choice for Player of the Week. He said, “Fumiko brings analytical depth and thoughtfulness to player experience and engagement. She also applies her analytical knowledge to player groups and gives feedback on improving group interaction. As a casual then dedicated player, Fumiko has given invaluable feedback on improving game mechanics across all types of players.”

Fortnite%2Fblog%2Fplayer-of-the-week---fumiko%2Ffumiko-398x398-34dc934546f9a980c77e8e307737e6ade29b4a6eFlak: Hi Danielle, what made you decide to start playing Fortnite?
Fumiko: My friend game me a key to the Alpha and I’ve never turned back.

Flak: Which hero class is your favorite?
Fumiko: Outlander

Fortnite%2Fblog%2Fplayer-of-the-week%2FDE8-ZCDXgAMKdP1-600x600-b9b63ff5e7d843d7e7b9e574e65534b836e0a8e8Flak: Why are they your favorite?
Fumiko: The speed combined with Keen Eyes and Anti-Material charge make this hero BEAST!

Flak: Which weapon do you use most and why?
Fumiko: Currently I’m using Founder’s Drumroll, Room Sweeper and the QuickShot with my Outlanders’ pistol perk.

Flak: What do you like most about Fortnite?
Fumiko: The community building combined with creativity of Fortnite is like no other game. It didn’t take long to meet new friends and I’m always trying to make more.

Flak: What is your favorite trap and why?
Fumiko: My favorite trap combination is the launch pad under a slant that shoots them out to floor spikes. This keeps them off the walls and brings the damage needed to take husks out!


Flak: Do you have a favorite Fortnite moment?
Fumiko: My favorite moments are always the ones that make me laugh! The first moment that comes to mind is when my friend was building a two gate. He put launch pad on top of one atlas, that launched him on to the second atlas, that also had a launch pad that threw him off the map. It was cray!

Flak: Can you share any secrets about Fortnite that will help new players?
Fumiko: Of course! Be careful not to upgrade your weapons too soon, you want to make sure the materials are easy to find. Pay close attention to your support bonuses they can make all the difference! And be on the look out for players that you enjoy playing with, friend them, it helps to have a good crew at the higher levels.