The Future of Save the World

Yazar: Darren Sugg
Fortnite has grown quick, fast and in a hurry! We’re humbled and happy to welcome so many of you into Fortnite. The community started as a tiny seed of online testers, now with your help it has blossomed into so much more. You’ve had lots of great suggestions about Fortnite - here’s where we’re headed:

Road Map

Here’s some of what you’ve said:

"Everything is RNG gated including heroes you can play. When you finally do get something decent, RNG determines the bonus stats as well. So you have RNG (llamas) upon RNG (loot from llamas) upon RNG (bonus/random stats on loot)" - /u/Dustin1280

We are delivering features that ease that feeling and increase your reward choices. We've added more quests, more storm rewards for evolution ingredients and more activities that easily allow you to get what you want. And guess what, we want to do more!

Here’s what you can expect, 

Event Currency Store (Coming Soon) -  You will be able to purchase event-specific items with event currency (like “Halloween Candy”) during some events. You can go to an event vendor and spend your “candy currency” on event items or event llamas. 

Hero Rarity Evolution (Coming Soon) - Our goal is to give you the ability to evolve heroes into greater rarities. This means you can take a grey, common hero and gradually level them up to an orange, legendary hero. (Finally!)

Alteration System (AKA Weapon Properties, In the Future) - You shouldn’t feel “trapped” with weapon properties that you don’t want. We will be building more ways for you to gain cool properties on your weapons. You should be able to reroll weapon properties you don’t like or invest in ways to change them. You should have much more control, period.

“I have just played for around 2 hours, yes I get the in-game stuff. But out of game.. what the hell is going on I am literally so confused I don't understand it.
Collecting survivors? how to change characters, how to use the weapons a Llama gave me, it's utterly confusing and there was somebody watching me play who was just as lost.” - ParaPlays (Forums)

We need to make the UI and UX easier for you to understand. Your goals and how to get your LOOT should be crystal clear. We have some rough spots to iron out and here’s how we’re going to do that: 

Accessing Inventory From Everywhere - One of your popular requests. And we built it. It’s going into the game as fast as we can get it in! Access your loot anytime, all the time.

Examples of your frustrations:
When you were given rewards you couldn't easily inspect them. You may not have known what happened to the cool weapon you just earned after a looting spree because it landed in your Storm Shield storage. This was bad on so many levels. We’re going to improve it.

Collecting Stuff - You want better ways to manage schematics, survivors and items, so do we. The first step is context sensitive menus that allow you to save time when adding those to your collection book, level up cards, or evolutions. Going through a rolodex of menus to “favorite your items” shouldn’t be a hassle. 

Quest Map  - You should know where to go and what to do when you play. We want you to be able to examine your quests, figure out how to complete them and see what loot you’ll receive. The ability to select and examine future quests, so you can plan for them, is a specific example of how we see this playing out.

Transformations (In the Future) - It should be easier for you to use transformations and more symbiotic with recycling. We want to slim down this bulky system and make it better for you.  

"Why do most of the mainline missions require me to repeat the same missions for a set number of times to move on to the next?" - /u/RB8Gem9 

As Fortnite grows we want to evolve and polish all the stuff you’re used to like Survival and Challenge the Horde. We also want to give you new and exciting experiences. So we’re planning to introduce MINI-BOSSES into the game.

Like a “Mini-Boss”:
You will see these new baddies in different parts of the game and they will spice up gameplay with new behaviors. We want to add flavor to your basic encounters and shake up your moment-to-moment battles. This gets us one step closer to true boss creatures. 

In the Future:
The mini-boss system gives us a platform for other new special creatures with new abilities and new rewards (e.g.buffs initially, then guns and goodies) when you defeat them. 

"The game is unfinished, which means that progression is relatively pointless - you can enjoy the game equally as much at all power levels." - /u/REXnor

Once you get about 60+ hours into the game, the quests become more procedural. We will continue building the story-driven campaign as well as offering events and more competitive experiences for end-game content.

Survival v2: Better events! You’ve helped us make Survival mode better with a lot of great suggestions. Giving you the ability to vote skip days was one popular request we’ll be putting into the next round of Survival. We want events to give you the things you care about when you’re just starting out or as you’re powering through end game content. 

In the Future:
Act I of Canny Valley is getting some love and more content to follow! Expect more, more quests for you follow, fully voiced narration and more fulfilling gameplay. We will get this to you in due time. We want the end-game to be awesome.

You’ve sent us hundreds of thousands of Fortnite suggestions, advice and feedback. It takes a lot of time, energy and passion to let us know how we can make Fortnite the best it can be. 

You’ve helped build an awesome community and set a high bar for every person working on the Fortnite team. I want to personally say, thank you for enabling Fortnite to exceed even our wildest expectations.