Battle Breakers: Guide to Getting Started

Your kingdom was at peace when monsters from space attacked without warning! Smashing deep into the ground, they trapped the world’s greatest heroes in technomagic crystal. Now it’s up to you to take back your planet - one break at a time!

Monsters have infested every corner of the kingdom. Explore over 1000 dungeons across volcanoes, forests, glaciers, and more.


Collect an arsenal of powerful heroes ready to fight to save the world. Check out this guide for Heroes and their elements! Do you want your Heroes to get more powerful? Of course, you do! Check out the overview for Upgrading your Heroes!


A pet is a hero that joins your quests. Pets are unlocked the same way regular Heroes are unlocked and can also be purchased in the Hero Store. You can summon a Pet to fight alongside your team of heroes during quests. Only one pet can be summoned at a time. They have the same elements just like their Heroes! The paw print symbol on the bottom left corner will glow when the meter is charged. Then a Pet can be summoned! 

SkyBreaker Quests

The Skybreaker is your personal airship, and you can use it to rescue heroes who then join your team!

Completing Skybreaker Quests grants you Legendary Hero Traces, which allow you to acquire the most powerful and rare heroes. As you fill the legendary meter, you will gradually reveal the three heroes that are available as a choice. Check out this guide for a more in-depth Skybreaker Overview!

The Monster Pit

If you have more than one of the same Hero or a Hero that you don't need, send them to the Monster Pit! The Pit has levels that will grant special items at different levels. Sending Heroes to the Pit can also give you Essence, Gold, XP, and Core Hero traces. These items are helpful for upgrading your Heroes! If you change your mind and want the Hero back, you have the option to buy the Hero back.

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