Battle Breakers: Which starter Hero should I choose?

After completing the tutorial, you get to select one of three heroes to be your starting hero! The starting heroes are Tessa Trueshot, Laric Grey Wold, and Firestar Mei. Each hero has three types of skills: Special, Passive, and Commander. To learn more about Hero skills check out this guide. These three heroes can also trigger defense moves and reflex attacks. Let's take a look at our heroes!

Tessa Trueshot

Tessa is a water archer, available as one of the starter heroes or from diamond hero crystals. She specializes in single target burst damage and bypassing bosses' defense.
Special Skill: Multishot (shoot 6 times for 50% attack each)
Passive Skill: Boss Killer (25% more damage to bosses)
Commander Skill: Battle Gear (20% attack to the team)
Reflex Attack: 15% chance for double strike
Reflex Defense: 10% chance for dodge

Laric Grey Wolf

Laric is a nature warrior that has a good amount of health but deals less damage. He is a protector that has a goal of helping others survive. His skills ensure that your heroes will take fewer hits in his presence.
Special Skill: Power Strike (300% Attack boost)
Passive Skill: Stonewall (15% chance for blocking)
Commander Skill: 20% block chance to the team
Reflex Attack: 20% critical hit (double damage)
Reflex Defense: Combo (25% block chance, 25% intercept chance)

Firestar Mei

Mei is a fire Mage, available as one of the starter heroes or from diamond hero crystals. She deals area damage which breaks crystals and she damages enemies when she dies and revives faster than other heroes.
Special Skill: Fireball (250% attack)
Passive Skill: Rise of the Phoenix (50% reduced resurrection turns)
Commander Skill: +15% Special Skill attack
Reflex Attack: 30% power surge chance
Reflex Defense: 15% chance to reflect attack back to a foe

Which hero will YOU choose?

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