Getting Started

What am I doing?

The main objective of Battle Breakers is to build a team of Heroes and conquer each territory on the world map. In order to succeed, you will need to upgrade your Heroes, create teams to tackle different challenges, and upgrade your Headquarters (and other buildings).

Explore - Reveal

Breaking a crystal is called a reveal because you reveal the gold and whatever else is inside. The amount of gold you receive is based on how many reveals have been done in a row, up to the maximum of a 5x multiplier. You can reveal by selecting crystals, by setting off traps, and with certain Special Abilities.

Explore - Risk

Revealing tiles while enemies are on the board rewards you with extra mana. The more enemies, the greater the risk and more mana regained!

Combat - Elements

All characters have an affinity to one of five elements - Dark, Fire, Light, Nature, or Water. Every elemental type is strong against one element and weak against another. Attacking with the correct element will deal 50% extra damage, and attacking with the wrong element will only deal half damage.

Combat - Targeting

Pay attention to which enemy is targeted before you attack. You can always change your target by selecting a different enemy before attacking, allowing you to prioritize targets or optimize your area of effect attacks.

Combat - Color Match

Crystal colors shift throughout gameplay. If a Hero has the same element as the crystals, that Hero’s attack will be increased and performing an action will recover their health and mana. Enemies can also receive color match bonuses, so be careful!

Combat - Commander Skills

Many Characters have Commander Skills that enhance the entire team. These skills only activate when you have a Hero with a Commander Skill who is assigned to be the team commander or the guest commander. A guest Hero can act as a second commander, letting you use two Commander Skills. Enemy bosses count as commanders for their teams, making them priority targets.

Combat - Pet

You can summon pets to fight at your side during missions. Every time your Heroes attack, it builds the Pet charge meter on the bottom right of the screen. Once the meter is filled, your pet will unleash a special ability. Pets cost different amounts of charge, and some pets may be better suited for certain situations. Choose your pet wisely!

Combat - Team Position

The positioning of your Heroes is important! Heroes in the front row protect the Heroes directly behind them. As long as the Hero in front is alive, the Hero behind them cannot be targeted by non-area of effect attacks.

Combat - Auto Play

If you use the Auto Play option, the game will automatically select actions for you and try to complete the level. This is good for farming easy content, but the AI will not be as effective as playing yourself. To build a good Auto Play team, keep in mind that Heroes act from left to right, from the front row to the back row.

Combat - Auto Pop

Auto Pop is both a strategic option and an easy way to reduce the number of taps needed for manual play. When triggered, Auto Pop will break crystals until an enemy is revealed. For the purposes of Color Match, Auto Pop counts as one action and can be used to lock the color you want for the next enemy that spawns! You can trigger Auto Pop by tapping the Color Match Crystal.

Hero Levels

Heroes can be leveled up with Hero XP to increase their power. Collect Hero XP during gameplay then go to the Heroes menu to upgrade their level. Hero level is crucial to success and is the first thing you should try to improve.


Your Headquarters is your base of operations and holds your treasure vault. The level of your Headquarters determines the max upgrade level for your Heroes. Upgrade your Headquarters to raise the max level cap for your Heroes.

How to Succeed - Upgrades

In addition to level upgrades, Heroes can improve their stats in several ways. They can upgrade their gear by building a Crystal Forge and using ore from the Burny Mine, consume rare drop elixirs for stat upgrades, be promoted with elemental shards, or be evolved to improve their skills.


Terrain Overview

Some attacks create elemental terrain, such as raging fires and floods. Characters standing on terrain are affected based on their elemental relationship with the terrain.

What Terrain Does

Elemental terrain has an effect when Heroes and Monsters take an action. If the character is the same element as the terrain, then the terrain heals the character with every action. If the terrain is a different element, it damages the character with each action. Terrain deals elemental damage, so it is especially dangerous to be on terrain that has an elemental advantage against the character.

Creating Terrain

Many attacks and skills can create elemental terrain. Levels can also be filled with traps that create terrain. Traps follow the pattern of their element - rivers snakes through the level, fires erupt randomly and nature slowly creeps in all directions.

Spreading Terrain

Some attacks can create spreading terrain. Like fire sweeping through a forest, spreading terrain will gradually move across the board. Different attacks cause different rates and types of spread.

Attack Requirements

Heroes with four or more stars will automatically create the terrain of their element with their basic attack once they reach level 50. As you progress into higher level teams, be careful to manage your attacks so that you are not accidentally aiding your enemies.

Neutralizing Attacks

Using a skill that creates elemental terrain on an existing terrain that does not have an elemental relationship will have a neutralizing effect. This leaves the location with no terrain.

Smash Attacks

Terrain follows the same elemental relationship pattern as normal attacks. If you create terrain with an elemental advantage on an existing elemental terrain, it will create a smash effect that deals extra damage to the target. This effect destroys the terrain at the location. Fire burns nature, water extinguishes fire, nature consumes water, light and dark oppose each other.

Growth Attacks

Growth Attacks are the opposite of Smash Attacks. Growth occurs when a skill creates disadvantageous terrain on an existing elemental terrain. Growth heals the character standing on the terrain.

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