What are Credits in Rocket League?

Credits are the in-game currency that replaced Keys.

Credits can be used to purchase Featured Items in the Item Shop, upgrade your Rocket Pass, build items from Blueprints, or to trade.

If you are a child and your parent hasn't helped you set up your account, you may have a Cabined Account with different features. If you think you might have a Cabined Account, visit: Why does my Rocket League account say that some features are disabled?

Once parental controls are set up for your account, you may be granted access to additional in-game features allowed by your parent or guardian.

On December 3, 2019, all Keys were converted into Credits using the following conversion rate:

Total Keys
In Inventory

per Key









For example, if you had 20 Keys in your inventory, you will have 2400 Credits after the conversion. If you had 50 Keys in your inventory, you will have 6500 Credits after the conversion.

You can buy packs of Credits just like you could Keys. See the Item Shop blog for a pricing breakdown of the different packs of Credits available. You can also earn Credits in Rocket Pass Premium. Credits can be purchased in the Item Shop or in the Garage.

Esports Tokens are a separate form of currency used to purchase items from the Esports Shop.

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