What do I get for playing in a competitive tournament in Rocket League?

Players who complete the First Round of a Tournament earn in-game currency called Tournament Credits. Players will earn more Tournament Credits the further they go in the bracket. The higher the Tournament Rank, the larger the reward!

The Tournament Credit reward is the same for all team members.

Tournament Credits can be redeemed for Cups that will grant a customization Item. Tournament Items can be Painted, Certified, or both.

This includes:

  • Wheels
  • Animated Decals
  • Goal Explosions
  • And more!

Don’t like the Item you received? No worries! You can trade in any unwanted Items to receive Tournament Items of a higher rarity. Tournament Items and Tournament Credits are not tradable between players.

Tournament winners also get a Title that shows off the Rank of the Tournament they won. Winning three similarly ranked tournaments in a season grants a colored Title of that Rank.

Make sure you spend your Tournament Credits before the Season ends. Tournament Credits will reset at the end of each season, so spend them wisely!

For more info check out: Revamped Tournaments A Closer Look.

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